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Novus Fumus is a young and dynamic company, and since January 2014 active in online sales of electronic cigarettes.
You can contact us 7 days a week by phone from 09:00 to 22:00 or try our Live chat.
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What you can make with leftover gingerbread nuts
Santa has left the country, but bags of gingerbread nuts are still in the cupboards and you can make the most delicious stuff out of it!
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Creative ways of wrapping presents
Do you want to make something special out of your presents for Saint Nicholas or Christmas? Make a celebration out of your gifts with these creative crafts.
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4x Nice surprise gifts at Santa’s Day, 5th of December
Santa is almost in town. Do you have stress about what to make as a surprise gift? No problem because there will come an excellent surprise gift be with these fun ideas
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How to make cleaning out your clothing closet a piece of cake!
Cleaning up is not your cup of tea? You still reach out for a pair of shorts often? Do all of your front row shirts have short sleeves?
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3 DIY Fall crafts
The traces of autumn are now visible outside everywhere. It is about time to decorate your living room with some great fall crafts.
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