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The products on this page have all been successful Kickstarter.com projects. The LocTote backpack has raised more than 1.5 million USD, and the NOMATIC Travalbag more than 3 million. You can now order them free of shipping cost.


A backpack is more than just an utility item. It is a buddy that accompanies you to work, school, the sports club and even on vacation. Backpacks ensures you to always have your precious items such as a laptop, phone and credit card with you. When wearing personal items, it is logical to choose a bag that meets the highest standards. It must be able protect your precious possessions from weather, wind and theft. Novus Fumus offers the best selection.

Prevent theft: cut proof backpacks

When wearing your stuff on your back, you free your hands but lose sight over your possessions. This makes backpacks vulnerable for pickpockets and theft. No worries with the LocTote's backpacks. These bags are made of a special, patented and unbreakable fabric. With the included lock you can easily attach it to a bench or pole without the possibility for thieves to steal it. When you choose LocTote, you choose the strongest backpack in the world.

The best protection for your possessions

When traveling, you want a backpack to both offer enough space and comfort. The backpacks of NOMATIC have as many as 20 innovative features that enhance user-friendliness. This weatherproof bag has several compartments that keep your items neatly separated. One of the compartments even is equipped with RFID Blocking, protecting your cards from skimming. With NOMATIC you choose a multifunctional backpack that is big enough for your belongings and small enough to take as a carry on.

No matter what backpack you choose, at Novus Fumus you simply order online, receiving the best quality backpack the next day at your home.

NOMATIC Travel Pack
€261,25 €209,95
NOMATIC Backpack
€251,75 €199,95
LocTote SPORT Flak Sack
LocTote Combination Lock
LocTote Antitheft Sack
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