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By Willy van Knippenberg, 15 may 2020

Ban on Menthol cigarettes

In 2017, the European Court of Justice decides that the production and sale of the menthol cigarette will be banned with effect from May 2020.

The reason the menthol cigarette is banned is because it would mask the pungent taste of smoke. The menthol cigarette would also influence smoking addiction. It is precisely this combination that has ensured that this ban has been put into effect.


Alternatives to the menthol cigarette

Mascotte Menthol Filters

There have been additional products on the market for some time for people who would like to smoke a menthol cigarette. There are special sleeves, clicks and taste cards, and there is no ban on such accessories yet. Menthol will also continue to be permitted in e-cigarettes and cigars, but we cannot exclude that this will also change. So there are plenty of alternatives for the inveterate menthol smoker.

Measures for a smoke-free generation

All these measures are part of the prevention agreement, which states that we strive for a smoke-free generation by 2040. In addition to the ban on Menthol, this also includes other measures such as an increase in excise duty, neutral packaging with frightening photos, and the concealment of all cigarettes and e-cigarettes at stores and specialty stores.

Penalty for violation

The NVWA (Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority) supervises compliance with the new rules regarding the sale of tobacco. In the event of a violation, the NVWA can impose a fine of € 450 to € 450,000. Products that do not comply with the new rules can also be confiscated.

What do you think of this new measure? Do you agree or disagree? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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