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By Willy van Knippenberg, 26 august 2022

How To Grow Magic Truffles

With the All-in-One GrowKit you can grow your own Magic Mushrooms. Below you will find the instruction for the Hawaiian Copelandia Growkit. This Growkit needs extra attention, read the instruction carefully.

high Hawaiian magic truffle grow kit

Step 1

Open the box and take out the contents; the grow kit, grow bag, two trays of black soil and a paperclip

Step 2

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and remove the grow kit lid. Spread the black soil evenly over the grow kit

Step 3

Spray the top layer of the kit with water and make sure it is moist. Also spray the inside of the bag. Make sure there is enough oxygen in the bag and put it in the grow kit. Close the bag with the paperclip.

Step 4

Make sure to spray the grow kit daily and give it some fresh oxygen. You can squeeze the bag to make sure the oxygen refreshes. It is important to keep the top layer of the kit moist.

Step 5

After 6 - 11 days the first mushrooms will form. At this moment you can take the kit out of the bag briefly. Spray the inside of the bag and put the grow kit back in the bag. (Hawaiian mushrooms don't like direct contact with water)

Step 6

About 5-7 days after the mushrooms started growing, they are ready to be plucked. Harvest the first mushrooms 36 hours after the first black spores are starting to drop out of the caps. Pluck the mushrooms by pushing them down until the bottom of the stem snaps.

high Hawaiians grow kit

Step 7

After you have harvested the whole flush, you can repeat the whole process from step 3 (misting) and the cycle will repeat itself. The most important thing is to keep the grow kit moist and make sure it gets fresh air daily. Keep in mind that Hawaiian Cpelandia is a much more delicate product compared to other mushroom grow kits.

What are the best conditions for the grow kit?

The best conditions for growing Magic Mushrooms can be found in nature. The most mushrooms grow during autumn. In this period of the year there are moderate temperatures and light and rainfall. The Magic Mushrooms will flourish under these conditions. Therefore we advise to (1) put the GrowKit on a place where there is no direct (sun)light, (2) put the GrowKit in a humid environment which get some mist everyday and (3) keep the GrowKit in room temperature (20-22 degrees Celsius). Too much warmth, light and moist may be harmful for the mushroom. Be patient and nature will do the rest!

Order the High Hawaiians grow kit online

The Hawaiian magic mushrooms are one of a kind. Difficult to grow, harmless and small. But with a big impact. This is actually the holy grail, strong visual and long lasting but low in dosage. Order your grow kit online in our webshop. We ship to any country in the European Union.

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