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4x Nice surprise gifts at Santa’s Day, 5th of December

21 Nov 2016
by Linda Canter

On Dutch Santa’s Eve, one sees a pile of gingerbread, candies, poems and of course surprise gifts. Every year most people are breaking their brains on what to get and make as a nice surprise gift for nieces, nephews, aunts or grandpas. That’s why we show you several ideas you can easily make yourselves. This year you will fabricate a beautiful and original surprise gift in no time at all!

Santa’s horse

The loyal horse of Santa is named Amerigo. The white horse takes Santa everywhere, so it deserves to be honoured as a surprise gift. First, get a big shoebox, this is going to be the horse’s body. Paint the box white with black dots. Do the same thing with a smaller shoebox. The small box will be the horse’s head. Glue the small box on to the front of the big box. Make sure that the small box sticks out a bit on the front end. After that, you can make a blanket and reins for Amerigo with red and yellow paper. Make 2 ears and a tail with white paper. The present has to be hidden within one of the boxes.

Sushi board

Do you want to make a surprise gift for somebody who is crazy about sushi? This sushi board looks good enough to eat. You’ll need a square box that will serve as a board. The box has to be big enough to hide the present inside. Paint the box brown. Then you make ‘sushi’ from firm but flexible coloured paper.

Rabbit slippers

Get 2 oval uncut breads. With a knife, cut a hole on the top and get the crumbs out with your hand. Now you put your present in the hole and cover it again with the breadcrumbs. With coloured paper you can make a face for the rabbits and draw a mouth and eyes with a black marker. You can make the ears of a double layer of dark brown cardboard with a skewer in between. Now you can easily prick the ears in the bread and they’ll stay upright. Only thing left to do is to make socks, where the feet fit in. Make a ring from cardboard material and cover it with an old piece of clothing.

Pink flamingo

Make the body, the neck and the head of the flamingo out of chicken wire. Tear newspaper into pieces and glue the pieces of paper on the frame. Continue until the chicken wire is completely covered. Draw on a piece the bottom of the flamingo of cardboard so that it can be used as the bottom. Paint the beak of the flamingo black and the head white. Next wrap the pink crepe paper around the neck of the flamingo. Then cut several squares out of the crepe paper. Squeeze these squares together from the middle so that some kind of flowers emerge. These are the feathers of the flamingo. Finally paste the feathers with a glue gun on the body of the flamingo.
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