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5 x the best outdoor sports

12 Jun 2017
by Linda Canter

During hot summer days you don’t want to spend your time in a hot gym. It’s so much more fun to practice sports outside. You can ride your bike or run, but there are more fun sports to do outside. With these five activities you won’t even notice you are working out.

Squat on the trampoline

Trampolines are not only for kids, no way. In some gyms you can even join special trampoline lessons for adults. It’s quite an intensive lesson. During the Jumping Fitness work-out you will use more than 400 muscles and firm the body. It’s more effective than jogging and it relieves the muscles. Enough reason to put a trampoline in your backyard. Enjoy the sun and fresh air while making squats, lunges and jumping. Also much fun for the kids of course.

A game of badminton

Badminton is a game practiced on campings most of the time. At least, in the Netherlands. It’s a relaxing way of working out: not too intense, but you are still working out. With an hour of badminton you will burn 450 calories. It’s a full work-out, because you will use all your muscles. You have to play a bit intense though. Enjoy a warm night with friends to play a game of badminton instead of your regular zumba lesson.


If you like to work out outside, go supping. You can make it as intensive as you want to. You will train strength and endurance when you hop on your supping board. Once on it, you are training your arms, shoulders, abdomen, back and upper legs. During hot days you will be surrounded by cool water. Just slip of the board if you need to cool down.

Kayaking or canoeing

A kayak or canoe is used for relaxation and sports. It’s a combination of both actually. You will enjoy the view, but it’s also great for your muscles.You will train your arms, lower back and shoulders. You can just glide over the water, but when you want more action, go kayaking on a river with waterfalls. You can decide upon your own pace.

Adventure in a climbing forest

If you want to train your whole body and are looking for adventure, a climbing forest is perfect. You will train in nature and enjoy the fresh air. It’s adventurous and a full-body workout. While you are climbing from one tree to another, your muscles are working really hard. Your arms, abdomen, balance and legs will be trained mostly.

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