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6 apps you need on Valentine's Day!

6 Feb 2017
by Linda Canter

The most romantic day of the year is just around the corner: Valentine's Day! Whether you are single, you are in a relationship or if it’s all a bit complicated, it’s still a day for romance. Is a  bedroom full of rose petals not your style? These apps make Valentine's Day just more romantic without hearts, saccharine poems and candles.


Valentine's Day is the time to declare your love anonymously. And what better way to do this with a card? The Greetz app offers a huge range of premeditated Valentine card, but of course you can also make your own design. Do you want to be original? Then choose a voice card and record a sweet message for your love. You can also order little gifts like balloons, chocolate and flowers at Greetz.


Say it with flowers. Every woman will be happy when you surprise her with a nice bouquet of flowers. With the Fleurop app you can choose a beautiful bouquet and have them delivered to one of the more than 1200 affiliated florists.

iKamasutra Lite

Want to spice things up in the bedroom? Are you getting tired of the same all tricks your lover has? Create some variation with the app iKamasutra Lite. The app shows more than hundred different masterpieces, so you won’t be out of inspiration any time soon. The app even keeps track of your progress, so the two of you will become real Kama Sutra Masters.


Are you alone this Valentine’s Day and are you looking for a date? Install the app Happn and you will soon find out if someone dateable is within 250 meters. The app will only show people you walked past, so only people who were in close proximity. This way, you don’t have to travel far for your Valentine’s date.


Do you want to send a hot picture of yourself to your lover or date on Valentine's Day? With the app Disckreet you can send naughty pictures, without having to be afraid they will show up on the Internet. Both you and the recipient must enter a password before the photos or videos can be viewed. If you don’t fill in the password (anymore), then the receiver can not (any longer) see the pictures. Disckreet is only available for iPhone.

Valentijn radio

Have you planned a romantic evening at home with your partner? Turn on Valentijn radio on your smartphone and wait for the romantic atmosphere to kick in. The app combine more than forty radio stations and they are just playing love songs.
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