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6x trendy houseplants

9 Apr 2018
by Linda Canter

Large, green houseplants in the living room: in 2018 it is totally allowed and very trendy. Not only do house plants provide oxygen and clean air, they are also a real eye-catcher in your interior. These 6 houseplants are a must have and to keep it at it’s best, we included a few tips how to care for them.


1. Monstera

The Monstera is also called the hole plant because of the holes in the leaf. Before you know it, the Monstera has grown into a big plant. This house plant takes up a lot of space. Do you have a small corner that needs to be filled? You also have smaller sizes like the Monstera Acacogayensis. The Monstera is easy to maintain, but does not like direct sunlight.


2. Aloe Vera

With the Aloe Vera you get an easy houseplant. It is a succulent plant, so you only water it when the soil is really dry. This plant may be in direct sunlight, but let it get used to it first, by putting it two weeks in a bright spot in the shade. You can prune the leaves of the Aloe Vera to use the healing juice in the leaves.


3. Pilea Peperomioides

The Pilea Peperomioides is also extremely popular. This houseplant you know better under the name pancake plant. This green houseplant is not very high, but can grow considerably in width. His leaves are very flat and look like - you guessed it probably - pancakes! This plant needs a light spot and sufficient water. In the summer this is twice a week and in the winter once a week. The nice thing is that you can easily plant this plant. Before you know it you have an army of baby pileas in the house!


4. Corokia Cotoneaster

The Corokia Cotoneaster is a stylish interior plant, but can also stand outside. The branches of this plant grow in all directions, hence the Corokia Cotoneaster is also called the zigzag plant. This plant has a gray / green leaf and gets yellow, star-shaped flowers. Give the Corokia Cotoneaster a light, sunny spot in the house and weekly water. Tip: the branches of this plant can be used as an Easter branch.


5. Elephants ear

The Alocasia you may recognize by its huge leaves. Not only because of the difficult name but also because of its appearance, this plant is often called the Elephants Ear. The plant has thick stems and large leaves, which are indeed a bit like an elephant's ear. This houseplant needs a lot of light but should not be in direct sunlight. Do not forget to turn it regularly to prevent skewing because the Elephants Ear grows towards the light. The Alocasia also needs a lot of water.


6. Air plants

Air plants are the ideal house plants if you do not have green fingers. It is a collective name for about 500 different plant species. Most of these plants have no or hardly any roots. You therefore do not have to put them in the earth. These plants extract the nutrients from humidity: hence the name air plants. You only need to spray these small plants with water once or twice. These plants are very nice as decoration in the living room.


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