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7 Cleaning tips before you go on a holiday

5 Sep 2016
by Linda Canter

1. Empty the trash bins

Are you looking forward returning to smelly trash bins after a holiday? Swiftly empty the trash bins and replace it for new ones before you go. Not only is an expired and full trash bin unpleasant for your nose, it is also a nest of fungus and other disgusting things.

2. Make your fridge as empty as possible

An opened pack of milk, some ham and a cucumber. Many people leave food and drinks in the fridge before they leave. This is not very clever and also a nightmare. Use up as many as products as you can before you leave. The remaining foods will turn bad before your return so you might give them away to neighbours or family.

3. Do not leave the dirty dishes

Eating something swiftly before you go? Take care of the dishes, even if this only means putting the plates in the dishwasher. Leftovers will turn very hard over time which makes it hard to clean afterwards. Are you picturing yourself scraping the remains of filet american off of your silverware once you returned from a relaxed holiday?

4. Do the laundry

Take care of washing your worn clothes in order to have something to wear once you have returned. And the longer dirty clothes lie around, the harder it gets to remove dirty scents out of the fabrics.

5.Clean out the sink

An unused sink is a lovable place for ants, wasps and flies inside your home. Disinfect your sink to prevent this. Let hot water run through your sink for about 15 seconds, add a spoon of baking soda and let the hot water run again for 15 seconds. Or rinse a cup of vinegar and lemon juice and let it do its work for about 30 minutes. Disinfecting the sink also prevents musty scents in the house.

6. Change the bedsheets

You lose about 40 grams of sweat and 2 grams of scruff every single night. Naturally to say that your bed is a potential nest for bacteria. Change the bedsheets swiftly before you go. Not in the mood to do this at a ridiculous time. Do it a day before to give bacteria not a chance.

7. Pull the plugs

Not a piece of cleaning advice but however a large benefit on your electricity bills.
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