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7 food hotspots for lunch in Rotterdam

26 Mar 2018
by Linda Canter

Are you heading to Rotterdam for a day of shopping? Don’t forget to lunch! You will need the energy from delicious foods and drinks to fit all those garments. Of course, a sandwich at the Hema, Bakker Bart or Bijenkorf is enough, but you can go there in every city in the Netherlands. We recommend these seven Rotterdam hotspots.


  1. Baker's Dough

Baker's Dough in the Pannekoekstraat in Rotterdam was the first cookie dough bar in the Netherlands. Ate Baker’s Dough, eating cookie dough is even more tasty. You can choose from different flavors of cookie dough such as the real cake batter and red velvet or white chocolate dough. You can also choose different flavors of ice cream and toppings such as stroopwafel, bastogne and marshmallows. Can’t you finish your sweet lunch? You can take it home (and bake cookies with it).


  1. Green Delight

At Green Delight they aim for a healthier earth. Therefore Green Delight is battling food waste. That is why they buy vegetables from local farmers who have been rejected because they are, for example, deformed. Many vegan products can be found on the menu. How about a sandwich with Baba Ganoush or a Healthy Green Bowl with vegetables, grains and fruit?


  1. Picknick

The good news at Picknick is that breakfast and lunch is served all day. So you can enjoy an acai bowl or scrambled eggs with toast throughout the day. The light interior with green accents makes this store a true hotspot! When it’s nice weather you can relax on the terrace in the sunshine.


  1. Ten to Three Bakery

The good thing about Ten to Three Bakery is that it is located in the middle of the center. This way you can continue shopping after a quick break. At Ten to Three Bakery you can have tasty cupcakes in many different flavors. Does a Red Velvet cupcake, Salted Caramel cupcake or Carrot Cupcake sound delicious?! Hurry to Ten to Three Bakery. Of course you can also have breakfast and lunch with a toasted sandwich.


  1. Yoghurt Barn

Breakfast in Rotterdam? Let’s go to Yoghurt Barn. Here you can put together your own yogurt with delicious toppings such as pieces of Tony Chocolonely. They also have overnight oats with, for example, fruit and toast with a ricotta yogurt dip. Yogurt Barn is a perfect way to start your day!


  1. Supermercado

The super hip decorated Supermercado is a cocktail bar restaurant with a Latin American kitchen. They are open from noon so you can eat delicious dishes such as nachos around noon and they have sweets such as a milkshake.


  1. The Tea Lab

Tea or coffee with a sandwich or cake: you do not need more when shopping and that is exactly what the Tea Lab offers. They have an incredibly large assortment of loose tea in different flavors. Furthermore, the menu is full of homemade dishes such as yogurt, sandwiches, sandwiches, soup and pies.

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