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7 good reasons to choose for a pet

2 Oct 2017
by Linda Canter

It's almost the 4th of October and in the Netherlands, that’s the day we celebrate Dierendag: World Animal Day (or better: your pet). We spoil our pets with treats and extra cuddles and celebrate their birthday. Don’t you have a pet yet? We give you 7 good reasons why a pet enriches your life.


1. People with a pet smile more often

What is a day without laughter? When you own a pet, you always have a good reason to smile. Research has shown that people with a dog or a cat are more likely to laugh than people without pets. Because it's just super funny when Max or Sjaakie does something unusual again. And that brings up to reason number two: laughing is good for your health.


2. Lower heart rate and blood pressure

Cuddling an animal causes lower heart rate and blood pressure. In addition, you will relax by stroking your dog. Also, having a pet is better for your immune system. Are you under a lot of stress? Help out on a kiddies farm, animal shelter or in the zoo. Much better for your health than spending a lazy night on the couch.


3. A safe mate

A pet can make you feel safe and this is especially true if you have little kids. Children will feel comfortable with the animal and get unconditional love back from them. When they are angry, scared, happy or want to share secrets, your pet dog will be there for them. Because they know that an animal does not transcend and does not judge. It's a safe buddy that's always ready for you or your child.


4. A pet keeps you on the move

Dog owners get more movement than people without a pet because they have to walk their four-legged friend several times a day. That’s a good thing for both your body as your mind. Do you have to sit in the office all day? Imagine taking your dog to work so you and your colleagues need to go outside to have a walk.


5. It's nice company

Especially for people who are living alone, a pet is nice company. The animal expels loneliness. This is especially true with a dog or cat because these animals are more active than your general guinea pig or goldfish. Possibly, it’s also because cats and dogs share their space with their owners.


6. Pet owners are happier

Owners of a pet are happier than people without animals. A dog or cat owner just has to look at his or her animal and make eye contact to feel intense happiness. Did you know that depression occurs less often in people who have a strong social relationship with their pets?


7. People with animals are more social

Having a pet affects social skills. Research has shown that children who grew up with a dog are more socially skilled. In addition, people with a pet easily chit-chat more with others. When walking your dog, the change is bigger to chat with another dog owner you just met in the park.

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