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7 Pieces of advice to keep the candle of love burning

22 Aug 2016
by Linda Canter
1. Trust each other

The foundation of a good relationship is trust. If something bothers you, know you can trust him or her to share your feelings without being judged by your significant other. It is important to trust and appreciate each others opinion. When you feel as if you cannot trust your partner, talk about it with him or her.

2. Relax in your relationship

You have the freedom to be completely yourself in a relationship hence its importance to feel at ease with your partner. If you do not feel this way for the full 100 percent, something will be gnawing at you at a subconscious level. You should find relaxation, affection and love in a relationship. You are not supposed to have the feeling of walking on eggshells around your partner.

3. Learn how to talk and listen actively

This might sound funny because of course you know how to talk. But do you and your partner really speak with each other or are your conversations rather superficial? Expose your feelings, tell what bothers you and say the things you feel deep inside your heart. Tell your story and truly listen to each other. Give it your best shot when providing your partner with useful advice.

4. Make time available to spend with each other

Most probably, you and your partners did fun things together back in the days. Do not get sucked in by too much work, daily business and the care of the kids. Do something fun with the one you love for at least once a week. For example take a walk in the park together or go out dining or play a game of cards.

5. Be intimate

By this, I do not mean to jump the other immediately, but intimacy is really important in a relationship. Give him or her an unexpected hug or kiss your partner on the cheek in public. Even though many couples go through this life without a sex life, intimacy is what makes a relationship golden.

6. Give each other some space

You do not need to be together nonstop. Remain seeing your friends and focussing on your hobbies. Not being together is in the end the strongest glue of all.

7. Learn how to make compromises

Be willing to put some water to the wine. It is common to think for 2 people when being together. Meet each other half way sometimes. It is not meant for one person to give in all the time.

How do you keep the fire alive in your relationship?
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