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8 crazy beauty tips that really work

31 Oct 2017
by Linda Canter

Most women can not do without handy beauty tips. Aspirins in your shampoo, olive oil on your razors and scrubbing with a pumice stone for example. We know it sounds kind of crazy, but these somewhat strange beauty tips really work! And you will probably have all the ingredients already at home.


1. Use a spoon to not mess with your mascara

Does your mascara always stain on your eyelids after putting it on? It’s never fun having to remove half of your mascara of your face. When you use a spoon, you do not need to wipe out mascara or eyeliner if you have tampered with it. A spoon? Yep, you read that correctly. Put the hollow side of the spoon against your upper eyelid and you're ready to put on your mascara. When you mess up, the spoon will take the most of it.


2. Use baby powder against sand

After a day at the beach you will find sand everywhere: on your arms, legs and between your toes. When you go out for dinner (or visiting someone), it's really nice to not take half the beach though. You can easily wipe sand off your body by using baby powder.


3. Mayonnaise in your hair

We all want glossy hair. With a simple trick your hair can also shine like never before. The only thing you need is mayonnaise. Put mayonnaise in the lower parts of your hair (avoid the roots, you don’t want them to get greasy) and let it sit for 20 minutes. Rinse your hair and enjoy healthy beautiful hair.


4. Style your braids

Do you have really straight hair that is hard to curl? Divide your hair into several braids and use a straightening iron over them. Afterwards you will have the luscious curling locks you have always dreamed of.


5. Potatoes for a rejuvenated look

Did you have a rough night last night? Or did you just sleep a bit later than you wanted to? If you don’t want your colleagues tripping over the dark circles underneath your eyes, a potato will literally be a lifesaver. Cut up an uncooked potato in slices and put them on the bag underneath your eyes. Potatoes will keep fresh for a long time and the bags under your eyes will be gone in ten minutes.


6. Razors and olive oil

Nothing is more annoying than rusted razor blades if you really want to get rid of those hairy legs you are trying to hide. This can be avoided by lubricating your razor blade with olive oil.


7. Wash your hair with aspirin

If you suffer from dandruff, you do not need to buy a special shampoo anymore. You can just wash your hair with regular shampoo with aspirins. Dissolve the aspirins in the shampoo and let it set for a moment. Your dandruff with disappear really soon!


8. Use a pumice stone as a scrub

Do you really want to scrub your body, but did you just empty your last scrub? When you have a pumice stone, you don’t have to go running to the shop while wearing your robe. Just put some shower gel on the pumice stone and slowly make circles over your body. It will feel soft as silk afterwards.


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