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8 easy tips to save money

23 Oct 2017
by Linda Canter

Do you want to save some money because you are a big spender or because you're just a little tight at the cash department? Savings does not have to be hard at all. With these tips, you will have still have some money left at the end of the month.


1. Keep a cash book

Keep how much money you spend and receive per month. That's how you know exactly how much money you get and where it goes. It’s very handy to keep an eye on expenses that cost more than you think (and notice!).


2. Take your own food and drinks

The €1,50 coffee that you buy for your work every day does not seem to be such a big issue today, but this money goes unnoticed. When you buy coffee five days a week, it will already cost you €7,50. Per month this is 30 euros and on a yearly basis (without holidays) that coffee will cost you 360 euros. Do you still think it’s worth it? With that kind of money you could have done lot’s of other things. Just take your own coffee to go cup. Of course this is similar to buying your lunch at the canteen at work.


3. Consider your purchase for 3 weeks

Have you seen a nice dress in an online? Or do you want to get a cool gadget? Try to postpone this purchase for at least three weeks. After this period, you can make a more rational decision if you really need it or just want it. And if you still like the item as much as you did in the beginning. Usually after those three weeks you have already forgotten about that dress.


4. Look at your insurances

Have you been subscribed to the same insurances for years? Look at other insurance company at the end of the year. When you switch to another company, you can sometimes save tens of euros per month. And don’t forget: Dutchies are insurance pro’s. But you don’t have to insure everything in life.


5. Create a shopping list and stick to it

Do you spend a lot of money on groceries? It’s easy to overspend when you don’t have a grocery list. This allows you to purchase many products that you do not really need at the moment. Do not put anything in your shopping cart that is not on your list and you will notice that you spend a lot less than you did first.


6. Have a look at the offers at the supermarket

Spread the advertising leaflets and pay attention to the offers of your local groceries. Stuff like washing detergent is expensive and it would be a waste to buy your favorite brand for the full price when your bottle is empty. You can easily stock up on these kinds of products when they are on sale.


7. Sell your stuff

Do you have pants in the closet with the price tags still on? Or do you never use that digital camera? It’s time to sell your items. Put stuff that still looks and works good on Marktplaats.nl or try to sell them through special Facebook groups. It will not earn you the world, but every small amount is nice right?


8. Transfer a fixed amount on your savings account every month

Do you still find it hard to spend less money? Then automatically transfer a fixed amount on your savings account every month. When this amount is not in your checking account then you will be less tempted to buy something.


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