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Celebrate carnival in these Dutch cities

20 Feb 2017
by Linda Canter

For months, people in the south of the Netherlands are working on their carnival costumes and floats. Official a three-day party, but the party usually starts days earlier. Do you want to get involved in the carnival the Dutch way? These are the best places to celebrate.

Mestreech - Maastricht

Every year it's a big party in Maastricht, called Mestreech during carnival. The best place to celebrate this southern Dutch holiday than the capital of Limburg? Maastricht will not disappoint you during carnival: you can celebrate day and night in the most exuberant outfits. On Saturday there is the arrival of the floats, on Sunday you can view the big parade.

Lampegat - Eindhoven

Eindhoven calls itself proudly Eindhoven the craziest! The whole city is turned upside down with party people for days. On Saturday Prince Carnival arrives on Central Station (the train station) and after that you can view the Lampegatse in the city centre.

Oeteldonk - Den Bosch

During carnival Den Bosch turnes into Oeteldonk. Both on the streets and in pubs there is plenty of partying. Go and see Prince Amadeiro and walk with or watch the Grand Parade on Monday.

Remunj - Roermond

Roermond in the province Limburg is called Remunj during carnival. Dancing, drinking and doing the polonaise: get ready for a party you have never seen before. During the parade you will see people in beautiful costumes on which they worked on for months. Famous artists will perform at the train station. Every year 25,000 party people celebrate carnival in Remunj.

Kruikenstad - Tilburg

In the heart of Brabant lies Tilburg, during carnival known as Kruikenstad and this city is a great place to celebrate. Enjoy the ‘kroegendwèèltocht, where you visit as many pubs as possible in one evening. After two days of partying you can enjoy the highlight: d'n Opstoet.

'T Kielegat - Breda

Breda transforms into Kielegat and if you don’t know where to go, go to this place. A lot of people from Rotterdam come to the festivities too. On Saturday there is a big party on the Grote Markt with various performances from carnival artists. On Sunday it’s family day in ‘t Kielegat, where children show their most beautiful costumes at the children’s parade Brakkesliert.

Knotsenburg - Nijmegen

Nijmegen also joins the carnival madness and is called Knotsenburg during this period. According to tradition, the city key is transferred to the city prince on Saturday. The next Sunday, it’s time for the parade. Monday is completely dedicated to 'bar hopping'.

Jocus Riék - Venlo

Carnival is the highlight of the year for many inhabitants of Venlo. During these days the city is called Jocus Riék. Carnival in Venlo comes with great traditions: on Monday there is a (faux) farmers wedding. This is why a lot of party people wear farmers clothing.

Carnival is celebrated this year on Sunday, February 26th to Tuesday 28th February.
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