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Cooking without food from packages and bags

18 Sep 2017
by Linda Canter

Cooking without foods from packages and bags is actually much healthier for you. Will this however be too difficult and take too much of your time? These are questions that people often have when cooking with fresh ingredients only is mentioned. What are the benefits of cooking without foods from packages and bags?

Chicken Tandoori from a pack? Don’t think so!

Do you believe that you have cooked a healthy Chicken Tandoori meal when it comes from a packet? Wrong thinking! The recipe may contain rice and vegetables, but also many unnecessary ingredients that are real weight gainers. There is much more sugar and salt in packets than you may think. Of course, it is very easy if you only have to add some vegetables and meat to a dish when cooking because the food will be ready in no time. But cooking the entire meal with fresh ingredients is actually much tastier and moreover healthier.

What can be classified as packaged food ?

Actually many foods can be qualified as packaged food. The ready-made and freezer meals which you only need to heat up, pots, bottles and even the pre-cut vegetables in bags. Of course, you have to decide for yourself on how far you want to go. The biggest offenders are the packets of sauce and herbal mixes and the packaged meals. They usually look healthy but these products are filled with salt, flavour enhancers, E-numbers, dyes and often sugars as well. Take a look at the labels and ingredients on the pack. You will mostly notice added salt and E-numbers which are good to expand the shelf life and consistency but it usually does not benefit the taste.


Cooking with no packaging and bags


Of course, everybody has their reasons for cooking without foods from packages and bags, but there are a number of benefits anyone can deny:


  • Often you spend less money when cooking with fresh ingredients only. In the beginning it may seem more expensive, but that is often because of having to purchase many different herbs at once. Pots of herbs luckily always last very long.
  • You are free from unnecessary additives that do not benefit the taste such as added flavour enhancers, preservatives and extra salt or sugar. You do not use these additives when cooking yourself which is beneficial for your health.
  • Many nutrients in fruits and vegetables go to waste when cut. As many nutrients as possible are kept when you cut your food during cooking.
  • You have a more environmentally friendly approach if you choose an entire broccoli instead of a pre-cut broccoli in a bag because you keep plastic waste to a minimum.


Convenience is man’s best friend but cooking without packages and bags is not so difficult at all. You just need a good stock of fresh herbs and basic ingredients. Making healthy and tasty food has never been so easy when cooking with fresh ingredients only.

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