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Creating Ambience in the garden

14 Jun 2016
by Linda Canter

Unbelievable, June already has arrived. Time flies. I feel as if winter just ended because we barely have been sitting outside yet. Nice weather is on its way so it is about time to be moving into the outdoors. When evenings become warmer again, we enjoy a good ambience in our back garden while spending quality time with family and friends, barbecuing on the terrace while the kids are playing in the garden and are having lounge sessions in the sun. Can a human being possibly ask for more? Besides a great garden, well, nothing. It is about time for us to tackle the great task of creating that great atmosphere in the garden after the cool months have passed, so we can let the sun take its course and optimally enjoy our efforts afterwards. Before you start decorating, it is pleasant to start with a clean garden. Get started with the high pressure cleaner and let your tiles and furniture shine like never before. Remove all weeds between tiles and trim the trees and shrubs. If all the maintenance is done, then it is about time to start with the garden lightening.

Atmospheric garden lights

I always love to enjoy the last rays of sun in my garden on hot summer nights. Once the sun is down, I pick up on a book and a refreshing drink. When it slowly but surely gets darker outside, then it is about time to turn on the outdoor lights. It is cozy to light some candles or torches besides the ordinary lightening only. Decorate the entire garden with tea light holders and light them all for a romantic ambience. Your garden or balcony instantly gets a warm glow. Throwing a backyard party? Give it an extra festive touch with some light garlands. It does not matter if you throw a birthday, graduation, barbecue or an Abraham party, light garlands never fail to create a special and magical ambience. There are countless types of light garlands for sale to perk up your garden in the blink of an eye. Opt for a cord with big bulbs, or garlands that come in the shapes of flowers, stars or hearts. Opt for garlands up in the trees, bushes or on the top of the railing of the balcony. You can also use them as decoration in the middle of garden tables or you can put it in a beautiful glass vase.

DIY garden lights

Do it yourself: when making garden lights yourself, you have the bliss of the endless combinations of all of your ideas. Collect some old and empty jam jars, hang them on a thick iron wire and fill them up with tea lights. Hang them on a string on the fence or in a tree. Did the neighbours coincidently cut down a tree recently? Saw the trunk in three different sizes, make a big hole on the upper side of the trunk and use it as a tea light holder. If you find it too dangerous to use candles, you can also use LED tea lights. What idea are you going to give a try?

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