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Creative ways of wrapping presents

1 Dec 2016
by Linda Canter

We sometimes get overdosed on presents in December due to Saint Nicholas, Christmas celebrations and maybe even your birthday. Giving aways presents is just as fun as receiving them. Why not turn giving the December presents into something extra special? We explain you how to wrap your presents beautifully in 4 creative ways so that the receiver would almost feel as if it is a waste to unwrap the present.

Textile wrapping

Normally we wrap presents in paper, but it can be more fun to wrap them in textile like dishtowels, scarfs, knitted bags or jute bags. You could for example wrap a small giftbox in a cloth and make a crafty reindeer out of it. Make this by folding the tips of the cloth together and tying it with a bow. The two tips of the cloth are held apart by chenille thread in the shape of antlers. Stick a pair of goggly eyes and a red nose onto the creation and your reindeer present is finished.

Versieren papierzakjeDecorating paper bags

Nowadays, many products are put into paper gift bags. You can do this yourself even better. A small gift and a brown paper bag are the only things you will need. Fold the upper side of the bag so it stays closed. Decorate the bag with ribbons, bows, ropes, buttons and or even use a christmas wreath and evergreens. Another example is to turn washi tape into a decorative christmas tree by cutting both sides of the tape diagonally (both sided in the same direction). Put five pieces of tape horizontal underneath each other so they become wider with each piece.

Stick a different color of tape under the last piece vertically which will represent the tree trunk. Turn your creation into a real celebration with a small christmas star and balls.

Feathers on your present

Do you have a bigger sized present to give for the Saint Nicholas celebration? Wrap it yourself to ensure that the brand of the store is unnoticeable. Use paper in a beautiful and solid colour such as light blue and minty green or opt for a trendy print. Wrap the paper around your gift and add a finishing touch by wrapping a thin rope around the package. Stick two feathers in between as a decoration. Nicely match the feathers with the colour of the wapping for beautiful overall look.

Saint Nicholas or Christmas themed labels

It is convenient to put the the receiver’s name on a label when presents are stalled under the Christmas tree or in Saint Nicholas’s bag. You can buy these labels in many craft stores. This can be simple, brown labels because you do the decorating yourself. Make a Saint Nicholas, Santa Clause, black Pete or snowman out of colour paper. Write the receiver’s name on the back and attach it to the present easily with a piece of rope.
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