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Do it yourself garden decorations

26 Sep 2016
by Linda Canter

Want to get busy in the garden, even if you do not have green fingers of your own? Get creative with a so called DIY, do it yourself, project. I selected two DIYs so you too can create an ambience in the garden the cheap and easy way. Choose your own colours or materials for unique results.

Plant pot 2.0

Do you have an outdated and old closet with drawers at your home? Move it to your garden and use it like a plant pot but in a different way.

Step 1: sanding

The first step is to sand the timber. This makes the surface suitable for paint or wood stain to adhere.

Step 2: Painting

Nothing as unpredictable as the Dutch weather. Therefore, protect the wood with paint or wood stain. When applying paint, it is advisable to firstly apply a base coat. This is unnecessary when you opt for wood stain. Choose the preferred color and you will produce a closet perfectly matching your style.

Step 3: Drying

Give the paint sufficiently time to dry so you can check afterwards if it needs another layer. It of course can be beautiful if you still see some wood patterns through the paint. Usually you need two layers of paint or wood stain for complete coverage.

Stap 4: Decorating

The closet is ready for usage. Open a few drawers and plant a few plants in them. You can choose the plants you want yourself but leave them in their plastic pots as you plant them.

Garden lanterns made of cans

We can use some extra lights on those warm summer evenings and these lanterns made from cans are made by yourself easily.

Step 1: Frozen water

Fill the can with water and put it in the freezer a day beforehand.

Step 2: cut out a pattern

Search the internet for a nice pattern. Think of, for example, a heart or a flamingo. Then draw the pattern on the can.

Step 3: Hammer away

Hammer the pattern of dots you made on the can with small and big nails. Dents will not appear in the can because of the frozen solid water inside. You can also make two big holes on both sides of the can in order to make handles. For this you can use rope or wire.

Step 4: Paint

Let the ice melt and make sure the can is dry and free of grease. Now you can get started with painting. It is fun to use different colours if you make multiple cans. Paint the can in the desired colour and be careful to not use too much paint to minimise the chance of dripping.

Step 5: Put candles inside

Finally you put candles in the can. This can be tea lights or others. Light the candles as the evening darkens and enjoy the pattern lights creating a beautiful ambience.
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