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Download these Apps before your Holiday

31 Jul 2017
by Linda Canter

A traveler's life becomes a lot easier and more comfortable thanks to numerous convenient travel apps. From translation apps to online travel guides: you can no longer go on a holiday without these following apps.

1. TripIt

Save all your important documents at the TripIt app. With this app, you can store your plane tickets, hotel reservations and rental car voucher in one place. Documents can be easily saved and viewed in the TripIt app. You won’t have to walk around with all these papers or search for WiFi while you are looking for the address of the hotel. The fun part is that the app automatically complements your data with maps and weather forecasts. So you know whether to pack a warm sweater or a dress.

2. Packing Pro

There is nothing more annoying than finally arriving at your holiday destination to find out you have forgotten your toothbrush or your bikini. Oops! You could have prevented this by installing the Packing Pro app on your smartphone. In this app, you can make different lists before departure so you won’t forget a thing. You can also make lists with things you have to do before leaving, such as making an appointment at the waxing saloon or buying sunscreen.

3. App de Vakantiedokter

Have you been bitten by a jellyfish? Have an accident on the quad? With the app from medical insurance company Zilveren Kruis, you can chat directly with a medical expert from the Netherlands. You can also use the app if you are no Zilveren Kruis customer. Your message is handled by a nurse and he or she can consult a doctor if necessary. You can also receive the address of a doctor, hospital, dentist or pharmacy nearby. They strive to reply within an hour.

4. Jet Lag Rooster

If you travel far to the east or the west, the chance of a jet lag is very high. It’s a shame to sleep just a few hours each day on your holiday, but if you use the app Jet Lag Rooster, you can prevent this. In this app you will enter your flight details and your sleeping pattern. Thanks to this data, the app calculates the ideal time to sleep and stand up so your jet lag is as small as possible.

5. Google Translate

It's no surprise: Google Translate is very convenient if you go to a country where they don’t speak your mother language. So if you have to explain something in Japan and the other person doesn’t understand you, try Google Translate.


Did you get lost during a hike or bike ride? Turning on your data roaming to look at the map at your smartphone can cost a lot of money. With the MAPS app you can view offline maps. These cards need to be downloaded before you go on adventure, but that's a small effort to do when you are in your hotel or still at home and it will save you a lot of misery if you're really lost.

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