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Free day trips with the kids

23 Jan 2017
by Linda Canter

Do you enjoy going on day trips together with the kids but not in the mood to spend loads of money? For example, go visit the Ape Islands of charity organisation AAP (Ape) in Almere. These monkeys were neglected or abused before and now, together with other mammals, have found a new and safe home at charity AAP. Visit the monkeys and other animals for free and it even is possible to get a glance backstage on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. There are also nice walking routes along the animals shelters.

Building huts in the forest

Go into the woods together with your kids and build a hut. This does not have to be in a tree of course because on the ground will do too. Collect some big branches during the stroll and choose a nice spot for the hut. Perhaps it is useful to take some rope with you in order to bind the branches together. The kids are occupied for the entire day this way and you will be entertained as well. Do not forget to pack some snacks for a well deserved break.

Visiting a different playground

Forget about the playground around the corner for a moment and drive a little further to a playground in a different place as a pleasant variation. A trip to a different playground feels more special to the kids too. The “Belevenissenbos” in Lelystad is for example a free play forest, perfect for playing around. This park is about 40 acres big, all filled with adventurous things to play with.

Watching big container ships

Small children often find big ships intriguing. A day out to the harbour therefore is educational and interesting. Besides, the beach often is nearby so you can combine a visitation to the harbour with a stroll along the beach where your children can play around in the sand. You could visit the harbour of Rotterdam and take a visit to the information center named FutureLand. You learn about the work in the harbour in an interactive way. The information center is free to visit for both young and old.

Visiting the local farmer

Plenty farmers give free tours around their farms. Hereby your children learn more about the work at the farm in a fun way. For example, it is possible to take a peek backstage at the cheese and clogs-farm named Simonhoeve in Katwoude to see how cheese and clogs are made. The tour including guidance, cheese tasting and a bottle of fruit wine is free. Is this farm not located near your neighbourhood? You can harvest fruits and vegetables yourself for a little bit of money on other farms too. The kids probably cannot wait to eat the self-plucked fruits as soon as they come home.

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