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Gifts for the Saint Nicholas celebration?

27 Nov 2017
by Linda Canter

Saint Nicholas: a nice tradition to give someone a gift or do you think about it as pointless? Fact is that many adults celebrate Saint Nicholas, despite the fact that they do not believe in the Saint any more since decades. What would be a nice gift to give to another adult? Or to your friends’ child? We help you getting started.


Think about a gift carefully

The best gift is a present you have thought about carefully. The receiver enjoys to notice the effort you have put into giving something special and that you have thought about their interests carefully. A gift voucher may be useful, but it is not original. So think about the receiver of the gift. What does he or she like to do? Does this person enjoy reading? Are they traveling often? Does he or she love gardening or playing games?


Toys: wood or plastic? Educational or noisy?

Imagine, you are looking for a gift for a friend’s child. But in reality you do not know anything about children. What do you choose and what toy would fit the age? First of all, try to think about the toys the child already has. You have probably seen something before. Do you think your friends would prefer a plastic toy which gives much noise and light over a wooden item? Or would they appreciate a video game more than something educational? By thinking about the parents carefully, you will see that you can come up with a nice gift quickly. Things like LEGO, Duplo, Playmobil and wooden train rails are super durable: they last for several generations. On the other hand, there are many cheap and plastic toys that will break after already a few months (or when you step on them once).


Books are always good

Buying a children’s book? Write a sweet message in it with the date and your name. If the child get children him or herself later in life, he or she will still remember that special December 5th. Books are a nice gift for adults as well. This does not necessarily need to be a reading book, you can also choose a book that fits the hobby of this person. Suppose that the recipient likes cooking, then a cookbook would be a nice gift.


Can it be a little cheaper?

Of course it can be a little cheaper! Surprise someone with a nice gift from Rituals: for less than 10 euros you already get a delicious shower oil, foam or scrub. Or choose a hand soap and body lotion that can be stored by the sink. Whatever you choose, think about it carefully, make sure it is packed nicely and add a nice note to it. From Saint Nicholas of course, otherwise they know it was you.

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