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Going on a holiday with the dog well prepared

25 Apr 2017
by Linda Canter

If you go on a holiday and you have a dog, then of course you would prefer to take it along on your trip. Enjoying good weather together, long hikes and a new surrounding: lovely! You do not want to leave behind your beloved companion at your parents’ place or at the kennel. But what are the things you need to think about when you are bringing along your dog on a holiday?

Think about it carefully

Of course bringing your dog along for a holiday means great times. But it is important, though, to think about it carefully. Does your dog have troubles travelling? Does your dog actually enjoys the temperature of the destination or will it be too hot for your companion? Would you prefer an active or a relaxed holiday and does your dog fit in this plan? These are all points to consider because you also want to do good for your dog.

Choosing a destination

When choosing a destination, you really need to be sure that dogs are allowed at the accommodation. Advised is to get informed well at the holiday address. Ask about the rules regarding dogs right away. For example, can the dogs run loose around the garden of the holiday house? Bare in mind the climate of the country of destination and how much time it takes to get there.

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Check up on the rules of the country of destination

There are different rules regarding dogs in each country. So get informed well before departure so that you are up-to-date on the rules in the country of destination. For example, you are required to secure your dog safely in the car in Germany.


Your dogs must have had numerous vaccinations against rabies before your dog will cross the border. This vaccine should be given a few weeks before departure, so be on time.

The dog needs a passport

You will need an animal passport in order to travel through Europe with your dog. All information about your dog is written down in this passport. It also describes which vaccinations and treatments your dog have had. Lost the passport of your dog? Request a new one at the vet in time.

Chipping your dog

Your dog needs to be chipped when you are taking him or her abroad. The chip number also must be written down in the animal passport.

What to take on the journey?

Make a list of stuff that you need to bring for your dogs some weeks beforehand. This way you do not need to pack in a hurry and you can be sure you are not forgetting anything. Take the own food of your companion with because not all of the same brands are for sale abroad. Also the own drinking and food bowls while travelling will have a familiar feeling to your dog. Do not forget to bring sufficient water for on the road. Furthermore bringing things such as a blanket, dog basket, toys, an extra dog leash and a tick pen are obvious.
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