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handy tips for packing your suitcase

3 Jul 2017
by Linda Canter

The holiday season is coming and that probably means that you have to pack your suitcase again. This probably causes slight stress because often, a suitcase is filled in matter of no time. Pack your suitcase more efficiently with these tips.

1.Rolling instead of folding

It is better to roll up your clothes before putting them in your suitcase instead of folding in order to prevent wrinkles and folds when storing them in your suitcase. This way, you save up more space in your suitcase. When you roll up vests, dresses and shorts, the air gets taken out, making everything much more compact. Thus, you save up space so you can bring more items.

2. Store heavy items at the wheels

Perhaps you think it is best to divide the heaviest items in your suitcase, but that is not true. The heavy items will slide as soon as you put your suitcase upside down, possibly causing to break fragile items. You do not want that. It is therefore best to pack all the heavy items as close as you possibly can to the wheels. Hereby, the weight will always be on the bottom of your suitcase.

3. Stack your bras

Many people fold the cups of bra cups into each other, but this is actually not good at all for your lingerie. The brackets could hereby break and get the shape out of the cups. So also stack your bras in your suitcase instead of folding. Stack up multiple bras to save space.

4. Fill your shoes with socks and underwear

Shoes take up much space so do not take too many with you. Hereby, you do not only create extra space for that one nice dress, but your shoes also do not get to touch other items and thus retain their shape.

5. Chargers and jewellery in a glasses case

If you leave chargers and other cables in your suitcase, than you most probably have to untangle everything first when unpacking. It is therefore wise to transport items such as chargers and necklaces in an empty glasses case.

6. Divide your clothes

Do you have some thick clothes to bring with? Divide the thicker and thinner items as much as possible. So do not put three big sweaters onto each other (if you want to fold your clothes anyways), but divide them over several stacks. It is also not smart to roll up three big sweaters, because the rolls will get very tall and then there is the chance that your suitcase cannot close, especially in hand luggage.

7. Bring small amounts of liquid

A whole bottle of cleaning lotion, a big bottle of shaving cream and a jar of day cream: it takes up a lot of space and weight while you may only use a quarter of these products. Therefore, choose to bring travel bottles. These bottles are big enough to get you through your holiday.

8. Put tumble dryer wipes in your suitcase

Does your clothes always have a musty smell when you arrive at your holiday address? Then put some tumble dryer wipes in your suitcase so that your clothes smell well on your holiday.

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