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How to celebrate your birthday the less ordinary way

19 Sep 2016
by Linda Canter

You are celebrating your birthday for many years already. Having chit chats while the sausage, cheese and cucumbers plates are getting passed on along the circle of family and friends. That is how a typical Dutch birthday celebration looks like. I understand your lack of interest to celebrate it the same way again this year. Therefore I give you some advice on how to make your birthday somewhat less ordinary. With just a few minor adjustments you can organise a pleasant grownup birthday party. Continue reading to find out how.

1: Forget about the sausage and cheese

Forget about the typical sausage and cheese snacks. Spend a morning in the kitchen to prepare some original bites. In need of inspiration? Choose mozzarella with tomato and ham on a skewer or prepare toast with feta cheese, tomato, black olives with peper and parsley. You could also organise a themed night and serve for example Spanish or Mexican snacks only.

2: Special drinks

Of course it is advisable to stock the fridge with beer, wine and soda for your birthday party but make some special drinks as well. Of course you can either link these to a certain theme or just make combinations of your own preferred taste. For example you can give every guest (above 18 years old) a glass of champagne at the entrance of your house. Or opt for a sweet cocktail with or without alcohol.

3: Decorations are not for kids only

Perhaps childish flags and balloons come to mind when you think of a decorated living room. However, decoration for grownups does not have to be this way. There are countless brands of flags and balloons on the market just made for adult men and women. For example, choose for balloons in metallic colours or for lovely flags in beautiful pastel colours.

4: Purchase fun cocktail sticks

You can serve the original snacks you perhaps made due to number 3 with a simple cocktail stick. However, it is a lot more fun to serve these tasty snacks with funny picks. I do not mean the the national flag coloured cocktail sticks but choose for example for a guitar, cupcakes or with frogs decorated ones. An additional benefit is that nobody has to get their hands dirty.

5: Right lightening creates a great ambience

Having guest visiting for the evening? This time, do not switch on the big lights but make use of dimmed and soft lights. You create a cosy atmosphere with a few candles, tea lights or the fireplace.

6: Go outside

Parties held outside with fun decorations immediately set the right ambience. It is especially easy to move your party to the outdoors when the weather is lovely. Do not feel discouraged to celebrate your party outside when it is rainy or cold. Just put up a partytent and arrange a few heaters. The right atmosphere is created in an instance with a few standing tables and good music.
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