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How to make cleaning out your clothing closet a piece of cake!

15 Nov 2016
by Linda Canter

Winter is coming so it is about time to make room for your winter wardrobe. The start of the new season is a good reason to reorganise your closet. Hereby you create room for a new wardrobe.  Are you not looking forward to this stressful situation? No need because it will be a piece of cake with these 5 questions.

Question 1: Is the garment still nice?

Do you still fancy the garment? If this is not the case: sell it! You probably never will wear it again anyways.

Question 2: Is it dirty or damaged?

Is there a stain or a hole in it? Try to wash out the stain. Better throw it out if it is not coming out. Because when you notice a stain, everyone else will. Do you have a shirt or vest with much unwanted fluff on it? Then it is probably better to throw it out as well.

Question 3: Is the colour faded?

Sometimes, the colour of garments fade after some washings. A washed out colour does not look flattering despite the shirt being your favourite. Time to throw it out!

Question 4: Does it still fit?

Is the shirt you were happy with 3 years ago feeling a bit tight? Or is it hanging loose around your body? When clothing is not fitting properly this season, it is probably better to throw it out, give it away or sell it. It could be possible that the piece of clothing will fit you better next year, but you probably will not like it as much as you do now. Another possibility is that the item becomes fashionably outdated.

Question 5: When did you wear it last?

When you have worn a garment the last a year back, the chances are small you will wear it again soon. Save it for another half year in a box under your bed. If you really not going to wear it any longer, you can always throw it out, give it away or sell it.

Toss it out, give it away or sell it?

Fix 4 big boxes or 4 trash bags before you start. Write down: number one ‘toss it out’, number two ‘keep, three ‘give it away’ and four ‘sell it’. Toss away the items which are dirty or damaged immediately. Put away ‘okay” clothing’ in box or bag number three. Perhaps it will be off use to the Salvation Army or children in poor countries. A good plan is to sell the bad buys still in tiptop shape on Marktplaats.
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