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How to prevent an empty smartphone battery

4 Mar 2018
by Linda Canter

Does the battery of your smartphone run out very quickly? It’s very annoying if you are just a few hours awake and your battery is already at 65 percent. And that while you just scrolled through your Instagram feed, listened to Spotify and send WhatsApp messages to your mother. With a full day of work or school you do not want to have a half empty battery. With these 5 tips the battery of your smartphone should last longer!


  1. Put it in the low-power mode

If you know upfront you will have a long day and you cannot charge your smartphone, put it in the low-energy mode in the morning. People often only do this when the battery is almost empty and you are not sure if the battery will save the end of the day. By doing this immediately in the morning, the battery can last a few hours longer. This is because in the low-power mode a number of functions are switched off that consume a lot of energy.


  1. Turn off Wi-Fi assistance

Wi-Fi assistance is a feature that makes your smartphone switch to mobile internet when the Wi-Fi connection is bad. This function requires a lot of your battery because the function is constantly searching between your Wi-Fi connection and the mobile network. Wi-Fi assistance can be disabled in the Mobile Network menu.


  1. Adjust the brightness of your screen

The screens of our smartphones are getting bigger and bigger. Some phones look like mini tablets. That is an advantage because you do not have to look at a small screen all day long, but the disadvantage is that your display also consumes a lot of power. Adjust the brightness of your screen downwards to save the battery.


  1. Turn off Bluetooth

The Bluetooth function is very useful in certain situations such as in the car. When your car has this function, you can answer your phone with the button on your steering wheel. We won’t encourage you to turn your Bluetooth off if you use this function a lot and risk an accident or a fine of course. But when Bluetooth is on, this function will also consume your battery. Turn off Bluetooth when you are not using it and do not leave it on all day unnecessarily.


  1. Turn off apps that you do not use often

If you look at the settings section of your smartphone, you can see which app uses most battery power. You can read the results from the last 24 hours and 7 days. See which apps consume a lot of your battery and check for yourself whether you use this app a lot or not. For example, if you have an app that you do not use often, it can still use a lot of power in the background (by renewing the data, for example), it’s better to close it.


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