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How to remember things a little better

31 Oct 2016
by Linda Canter

“What was I about to do in this room again?” Where did I put my glasses?” What time was this meeting suppose to happen?” Does these questions sound familiar to you? Sometimes, our memory unfortunately leaves us in the dark. Not so convenient when you are trying your utmost best to remember an important appointment. Memorising occasional things becomes slightly better and easier with these easy tips.

1: Give your stuff a fixed place

Invest effort into giving your stuff a fixed spot. Store your keys on hooks near te door, give your phone a spot on the closet and put away your glasses in a drawer after use. This prevents much frustration of searching your stuff when in a hurry.

2: Eat sufficient amounts of fish

Omega 3 fatty acids ensure good conduction of the nerve impulses. Hence its importance to our brain. Take in these fatty acids by eating fish such as herring.

3: A good night’s rest

We process the impressions we made during the day while we are asleep. Meanwhile more room is being ensured for new information. Simply said: your brains do not function well if you do not get a sufficient amount of sleep. You most probably take in less information and forget things a lot faster if you had insufficient sleep.

4: Start out your day right

Breakfast is not only important as a kickstart for your body in the morning but it also improves memory and focus. Make sure to have a good breakfast every morning in order to have better efficiency and performance.

5: Start moving

Go for a walk, a bike ride or take a swim in the pool which will lessen the loss of memory and focus. New cells are created in the brain by psychical activity. The memory and the mobility area in the brain share an important relationship together.

6: Drink coffee or tea

Caffeinated coffee or green thee has a positive influence on long term memory.

7: Change your routines

Do you have a fixed routine every morning such as first having breakfast, then taking a shower and then brushing your teeth? Do you always bike the same route to work? Break the cycle of routines because it makes your brains lazy. In fact, you surprise your brain by doing something new and different which subsequently enhances your brain activity.

8: Eat walnuts

Just a handful of walnuts a day improves your memory already.

9: Learn something new

Make sure you learn something new every now and then. This can be anything: a new recipe, a different language or a dance. New brain cells are created by learning something new or difficult. Besides, more connections between nerve cells are made as well.

10: Take in sufficient amounts of vitamin

There are numerous vitamins which support the memory. Especially vitamin B is beneficial to our memory. For example milk, beans, endive and carrots contain vitamin B. Vitamin C, D, E and A improve memory functions as well.

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