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How we work during the Corona virus?

20 Mar 2020
by Willy van Knippenberg

Working from home

At Novus Fumus it was already common to work from home. We have been doing this from day 1, and we will continue to do so. We work from 3 different Locations in the country. 2 Locations in Tegelen and 1 in Gastel (Noord-Brabant). The monthly on-site meeting will be suspended until the coast is clear again.


We use different tools to work from home. For example, we use Zendesk for all communication with our customers. This applies to the Live Chat, email and incoming phone calls. We work with Google Hangouts for internal communication.

Support as you are used to

Because of our preparation and experience with working from our homes, we remain available as usual. This means that we respond quickly to your emails on working days from 09:00 to 22:00 and are available by phone. All orders on business days before 17:00 will be shipped the same day. We also continue to expand Novus with new products.

We wish everyone a lot of strength and good health in the coming weeks!

This is what you can do to prevent the infection with Corona Virus

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