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Inspiration for a warm living room

25 Sep 2017
by Linda Canter

Dreaming of having a cozy living room? A warm interior draws in more relaxation into your home and that is more than welcome after a long day of hard work. In case you are running short on ideas yourself, that warm ambience in your interior should turn out great after reading this article!

Warm colours

The colours in your living room make up a huge part of the atmosphere in your interior. Therefore, you go far with just a little paint when creating a warm living room. Dark blue, earthy tones and dark grey often create a warm and calm appearance. You can also choose for furniture and accessories in these colours if you do plan on painting the walls.

Rugs and poufs

Accessories such as carpets, plaids and poufs can make your living room look much cosier the upcoming winter season. These accessories cannot go wrong, especially when they are made from natural materials. Put a woolen carpet under the coffee table, plaids and blankets on the couch, a sheepskin on the chair and place a chunky knitted pouf in your interior. Your guests will feel welcome and at ease instantly.

Dark curtains

Curtains are real dealmakers when creating ambience at home. Hang dark curtains, preferably till the ground, to create a warmer interior. These curtains not necessarily need to be closed, but can be hanged for great ambience only as well. Curtains in darker shades such as dark blue and brown are optically heavier, giving your living a warm look instantly. Do you find it a little too dark? Then combine the long curtains with lace curtains which reach the ground as well. The lace curtains make the whole just a little less “heavy”.

Ensure good lightning

The lighting also plays a big role in an interior’s atmosphere. Not only the design but also the location of the lamp is important. Make sure to distribute the lighting well over the living room. For example, choose a led light (with warm light) behind an ornament on the wall or spotlights that give a soft light along the walls. Also place a standing lamp next to the wall because this gives a warm appearance.

Rural furniture


Furniture with a rural look often goes very well in a warm living room. Such furniture is usually made of wood and is often for sale in different shades. What about a robust dining table or a beautiful wooden dresser!? Rural furniture pieces are true eye catchers in your living space and ensure the right atmosphere. Moreover, rural furniture is timeless and does not become boring.

Accessories for a warm interior

Make your home cozy with warm blankets and candles. For example, a grey sheepskin matches beautifully with rural furniture. Take especially accessories of natural materials such as reed, pottery, logs, dried plants and flowers. Furthermore, a wind light or lantern is a true home decorator.

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