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Interior design trends of this autumn

3 Oct 2016
by Linda Canter

Slowly but surely we are leaving behind the summer as we enter the season of fallings leaves. Often we want to be cosy inside our homes during this season of the year. Are you looking for inspiration and styling tips to decorate your home? These are the trends of autumn 2016.

Neutral colours

This fall we mainly see soft grey with some black tones and much white colouring. Want more colours? Opt for colours named after fruits of the fall such as cherry, berry or raspberry. Not a type for these colours? Choose mint or icy blue. Mentholgreen is a fresh and stylish addition to every interior, for both autumn as well as spring.

Back to basics

We often are fan of earthy tones of colours in the fall. Therefore, choose a calm interior with an earthy appearance wherein natural and eco-friendly elements can be found. Think of timber, stone, clay, straw and steel. Materials straight from mother nature create calmness and space.

Warm metals

This trend actually already started last year, but also this fall the shades of copper look wonderful in the interior. This trend especially works great in the fall and winter because of this colour adding  warm shades to your living room. Take your copper and gold coloured accessories from the attic again. For example, choose for copper shaded bowls, tea light holders or choose for gold coloured cutlery.

Industrial accessories

Tough industrial living items are still a go for this year. Especially robust lights may be displayed in your living room. Choose materials from rough elements such as stone, concrete and steel if you are considering to follow up the industrial trends. This bold look can be softened by adding organic shapes and textiles to give it a soft twist.

Down to earth but warm

We as the Dutch are very down to earth, thus the adequateness of a typical Dutch trend is this list. Combine warm colours with cool tones. Experiment by combining a dark blue wall with salmon pink coloured accessories. A warm but down to earth interion arises by the use of warm fabrics and timber. Perfect for the cold months ahead.

Autumn details

Want to make it really warm and cosy inside your place? Bring the autumn inside your interior. Make use of the elements of nature such as pumpkins, branches, chestnuts and leaves according to your own taste. For example, paint pumpkins in metallic colours or leaves in red and earthy colours. The botanical trend is absolutely hot this year. This style is characterised by bright colours, prints, natural materials and many flowers and plants. You may continue this trend in fall with for example dried hydrangeas.

You can get the fall in your interior in various ways without having to paint your walls in earthy tones. Warm colours, copper tones and warm fabrics will provide you with that cozy feeling this autumn. Do not forget to make use of natural elements to immediately bring the season’s ambience inside.
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