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Keeping your blood sugar stable

14 Sep 2016
by Linda Canter

Often tired during the day and are you in serious need for sugar in order to gain some energy? You get cranky if you cannot eat food for some hours? Are you in need of candy or other snacks throughout the day? It may be your blood sugar fluctuating too much. A stable blood sugar level results in a fit and well functioning body. Did you know that loosing weight is not possible if you have an unstable blood sugar level? Besides, a healthy blood sugar is crucial for good health. Reasons enough to keep it in balance. You want to know how? You are about to find out with these seven pieces of advice.

1: Do not skip breakfast

Many people skip breakfast in the morning. However, breakfast is a solid base for a stable blood sugar. Your body is already preparing itself for another day, even before you wake up. Eat a sufficient amount of protein each morning to start out your day well.

2: Toss away the fast carbs

Avoid foods such as bread and white pasta because of the many fast carbohydrates they contain. Your body immediately converts carbohydrates into sugar. And too much sugar causes an increased level of blood sugar. Also cookies, cake and other sweet snacks contain fast carbohydrates. A solution is to eat slow carbohydrates so your blood sugar levels will not rise swiftly.

3: Divide mealtimes

Try to eat 5 or 6 meals a day. Eating a big meal only once or twice a day will cause a peak in blood sugar due to an unnecessary high amount of produced insuline. Keep breakfast, lunch and dinner as the foundation of your day and take healthy snacks in between.

4: Cinnamon is key

Add cinnamon to your meals more often. Cinnamon maintains a stable blood sugar level and also has a positive effect on your digestion. Sprinkle cinnamon on your oats, put it in your smoothie or eat it with an apple.

5: Exercise, rest and sleep

Doing exercise causes your body to work more efficiently, making the blood sugar better manageable. Having sufficient sleep and rest are beneficial as well. You crave more for fast sugars when you are tired.

6: Add lemon juice and apple vinegar

Biological apple vinegar and lemon juice causes your body to become more sensitive to insuline. Apple vinegar can lower your blood sugar level significantly in a short period of time. Lemons prevent the storage of body fat which means better regulations of blood sugar levels.

7: Be aware of too much fruit, juices and light soda

Fruit is healthy but also contains many sugars which increase your blood sugar levels. Therefore, limit the amounts of fruit to once or twice a day. You might have thought that fruit juices were supposed to be healthy. They however contain many sugars. Also light soda drinks are bad for your blood sugar level. Often, light soda does not contain any sugar. The brain however detects the sweet taste which ignites insuline production. This lowers the blood sugar level and therefore a crave for sugar.
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