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Keeping your home safe while on vacation

10 Jul 2017
by Linda Canter

Going on holiday is great but not when your home turns out wrecked by burglars by return. You can leave your home as secure as possible with just a few simple measures. Here is a checklist with tips!

Close doors and windows

Of course it is logical to close all windows and doors. However, you could forget a number of windows that usually are always opened, such as the windows of the bathroom, toilet or shed.

Remove all keys from the locks

Do not leave keys inside the locks. Burglars just smash the window to unlock the door. Hereby you are making it easy for them to break in.

Do not put valuable items in sight

Store all your valuable stuff. When an intruder looks through the window and sees a laptop on the table, he knows exactly where he needs to be.

Do not give your house the “ready for holidays” look

Most people going on holidays close the curtains or shutters. This is an easy indicator that you are not at home during the day. An intruder can then walk in quietly and take his course. Ask your neighbours, family or friends to open the curtains during the day and to close them again in the evening. A good idea is to leave an used cup on the table next to an opened newspaper.

Let someone take out the mail

If someone already comes to your house to open and close the curtains, let this person take out the mail as well. Burglars know that no one has been home for a while by a filled mailbox. Also do not let the stacks of mail be put away in a visible place in your home.

Make use of light timers

Use light timers for lamps in and around your house. The timer can be set at different times. Hereby you ensure that the lamps in your house are switched on on set times. Turn on the lights on different floors at different times in your home to make it look like someone is actually home.


Do you have a driveway? Then ask the neighbours to park their second car on your driveway.

Packing the car

Everyone can see when you are soon going on a holiday when a caravan is parked on the driveway. Burglars drive around residential areas to keep an eye on things like these. It is best to load the car or caravan when you actually are about to leave.

Tell your neighbours

Let your neighbours, family and friends know that you are on vacation. They can then keep an eye for you. It is wise to leave a house key with a good neighbour so they can intervene in an emergency or to open and close the curtains.

Do not share anything in publicly on social media

Of course you would like to share on social media that you are enjoying your vacation, but also criminals are on Facebook, Instagram et cetera. So do not share posts in public so that everyone can read it.

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