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Learn to motivate yourself

22 Jul 2016
by Linda Canter

Going to the gym, catching up homework or work at your job. Everybody knows the feeling of not being in the mood to complete these things. Many people procrastinate, but this actually only causes more problems. But how to motivate ourselves then? Oftentimes, we are filled with resolutions and ideas, however these often not come to realisation. Sometimes, days pass by without any glitches: you are feeling energetic, overflowing with new ideas and feeling super motivated to go to work. At those moments, it feels as if you can conquer the world. Until the days arrive where motivation is not anywhere near in sight. You feel tired, without inspiration and there is barely any action going on inside of you. The household needs to be done, you had plans on working out and the kitchen drawer still needs a fix. It is time to get started, it is time for a boost.

Set goals for motivation

Without motivation there is no goal. Without goal, there is no motivation. Create a clear image of the goal you wish to accomplish. Think about this goal often and track your progress. Experience the positive feelings when accomplishing your goals. We often wait until we feel motivated, motivation however has his own schedule. Therefore, do not ruin your day by doing nothing else than slacking and waiting. Set yourself to work and come in action. Once started, you naturally will get inspired and motivated to keep going. Have you ever skipped a workout after getting your sport clothes on? Alright, perhaps once, but once you get your sweat on, you know you made the right decision. Having multiple missions to fulfil in one day? Start with the most difficult tasks and you will see that the others will be easier because of the gained motivation.

Everybody can motivate themselves

When my motivation is on a low-key, it is easy for me to stay in that mood and it does not benefit my work. If oftentimes go for a half-hour walk when I feel I am having such a day. Emptying the mind, collecting vitamin D and receiving new energy, it really refreshes me. I am full of new ideas and inspiration to go back to work afterwards. Every human is capable to motivate oneself, you included. So do not believe it is not possible but believe in yourself. Believe that you have a good resolution to fulfil and that you can live up to it, even though others say you cannot. There are many books to keep the motivation flowing and to reach your goals, for instance De Sleutels van Geluk en Succes van Frank de Moei. Or get a coach (friend, partner, professional) who can keep you on track.

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