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Living room workout

24 Oct 2016
by Linda Canter

Do you sometimes not succeed to leave the house in order to go for a workout? You rather relax on the couch instead of breaking a sweat at the gym? Fortunately, you do not need the step out of the door to get fit. Do a satisfying workout in the living room with these fitness attributes.

Ab wheel

An ab wheel is a simple abdominal machine that trains your entire body. The ab wheel will make you, so to say, roll the floor. With this device you actually train your abs instead the muscles in your neck. Bring on the sixpack!

Hula hoop with weights

Hula hooping is not only fun for children, but also a great workout for adults. A hula hoop designed for fitness withs weight is good to train your abs, your waist and to get a stronger lower back. I recommend you to start with 10 minutes a day. Yes, almost everyone will get those bruises in the beginning.

Gymnastic ball

Exercises with a gymnastic ball are excellent to strengthen your muscles and balance. The gymnastic ball is a perfect tool to train your abs. The ball is definitely ideal if you often pull a hollow back with ordinary abdominal exercises. The gymnastic ball keeps your back straight so you can be sure you are performing the exercises properly.


You can do many exercises with a kettlebell. Hold the kettlebell with both hands and keep the weight at chest height. You can do some squats in this position. You can do the same with lunges. Then just hold the kettlebell in your right hand when your left leg is back and vice versa.

Jumping rope

Borrow a jumping rope from your kids, cousin or neighbour as it is incredibly good for your fitness and it is an effective way to burn calories. There are good schedules available on the internet so you can build skill easily. Make it more challenging by buying a jump rope with weights in the handles.


Light dumbbells are ideal for mellow yet effective exercise routines. With the weights you can train your biceps, triceps and shoulders while you just watch TV. Leaving the house? Go for a walk with them.


Exercise your legs and buttocks with a (kids)step. Put up some music on and start stepping on the step or spice up your workout and make some jumping squats in between. Do you have a bigger step where you can lie on with your body from buttocks to your head? This makes it possible to train your chest muscles as well by using the handles. The step can also be used by making push ups.

Foam Roller

Your muscles deserve a massage after a good workout,. A foam roller is designed to loosen your muscles and tissue. It relaxes the trained body and improves the elasticity of your muscles. Perfect to use after a workout or on rest days.
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