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Make a lovely lounge area of your garden

24 Jul 2017
by Linda Canter

During summer, the garden is the ideal place to lounge. When the sun shines, it's great to just read a good book in the sun, having a delicious drink whilst being very close to home. Transform your garden into a great lounge area with these tips.

Invest in a lounge set

A good lounge set doesn’t come cheap, but it is indispensable and worth every penny. Choose for example a nice corner bench with soft cushions. You can squeeze and sit down to enjoy the beautiful weather. Lounge furniture is available in different styles and materials. The most popular lounge set is the braided, wicker ones. Also available are aluminium sets and lounge sets made of Teak wood. Choose whatever you like and make sure to take good care of the set and pillows.

A fireplace or fire pit in the garden

When the warm day gets’s a bit colder in the evening, a fireplace or fire pit is an excellent way to improve both the warmth and the atmosphere. Even when it’s actually too cold to stay outside and have a drink with friends, a fire pit is the solution. And the fire makes a nice setting too. You can choose an old fashioned fire pit, but also a modern fire table. This is a regular table, but with a small fire pit in the middle.

Bring your accessories outside

Take your accessories from the inside of your house to the outside. When you dress up your garden with special garden accessories, it looks a lot cosier straight away. Add atmosphere to your outdoor terrace, by putting up wind lights or light nets (you know, the ones you can throw over a Christmas tree). On the floor close to your lounge set you can use a special outdoor rug. Decorate your lounge corner with beautiful plants and put them in wicker baskets or just in modern pots. Pillows make your lounge set even more comfortable. With the right accessories, you just add that garden to your garden. Just make sure these accessories have to be weatherproof. You can find them at your garden centre.

A swing or hanging chair

Egg shaped hanging chairs made of braided rattan are very trendy at the moment. Without pillows not really comfy, but with them a few soft pillows and a blanket it’s hard to get out and do the things you have to do. They are lovely and comfortable and create a romantic feeling. The special swings for grown ups are made of wood and used to create extra seats. These swings are bigger than kids swings and you can use pillows for more comfort. They are not really comfy since they have no back.

Relax in a hot tub

More and more people are getting a hot tub in the garden. It’s the ultimate way of relaxing. And since a hot tube is always hot, you can use it year round. Even in the winter you won’t get cold while you are enjoying the bubbles. Enjoy the water with a glass champagne in your hand to wind down after a hard day of work. It’s lounging 2.0!

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