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Make your garden or balcony spring proof

13 Mar 2017
by Linda Canter

You hear the birds whistling in the morning, the daffodils are beginning to bloom and the temperatures are rising. Nature is getting ready for spring. But are your garden or balcony spring proof? With these tips, they will be!

Remove weeds

During the winter weeds can roam free and grown steadily. With the heat of the sun in spring weed seeds even grow quicker. In between the tiles, in the garden: it’s time to remove the weeds. Without all these weeds your garden looks a lot more fresh and clean.

Remove shielding material

Did you use shielding material to protect your plants? When the temperature is high enough, you can remove them. If it’s still freezing at night, you can better leave them on a bit longer. Straw and leaves are the perfect way to protect your plants from freezing, but without them your garden looks even better. Be aware though: we have a Dutch saying: Maart roert zijn staart. This means you will never know how March’s weather will be.

Pruning your hydrangeas and roses

The best month to prune hydrangeas and roses is March. Pruning your plants will stimulate new growth. Dead and damaged branches should be removed and new shoots should be cut down to about 15 to 25 centimeters from the ground up. Throw your garden waste in the bin and remove dead flowers and branches off the ground.

Planting spring bulbs: daffodils, violets and tulips

Spring is the best time to plant new shrubs and trees because the soil is wet. To ‘spring proof’ your garden you can plant bulbs, like daffodils, violets, and tulips in early spring. When you do this in spring instead of autumn, the flowers will flower just a bit later than normal. Make flowerbeds full of multi color tulips and violets. When they bloom you will have a bright colored garden. Combined with the sun they will give you the ultimate spring feeling.

Clean the pond

Do you have a pond in your garden? Water plants and algae love the sun, but do you love them? Spring is a good time to clean the pond and the filters from the pond pump. Remove all dead leaves and trim the water plants.

Refresh your terrace

A wind free spot and the sun make an excellent combination for sitting outside. Time to clean up your terrace. Hose away green stains with a pressure washer and don’t forget the wooden garden furniture. Your furniture also likes to get a new layer of oil to protect them against the sun and rain.

Fertilize your lawn

With the winter gone, you can fertilize your lawn. This is important, because the soil doens’t have enough nutrition after the cold Dutch winters. You can use fertilizer granules, as well as (organic) manure or compost.
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