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Make your home cosy after Christmas

2 Jan 2017
by Linda Canter

Home tends to feel empty in January after the Christmas tree has left the house and the reindeer returned to the attic again. The living room then suddenly appears less cosy. Make an attempt to turn your living room into a cosy and warm space.

Move your furniture around

Empty spaces in your living room suddenly become appalling when all Christmas stuff leaves the household. Try to move around some furniture first. It creates an entirely different ambience and therefore makes it easy for you to enjoy your interior again. Is moving around the furniture not a possibility but you still want to fill up the empty space? Buy a big vase or flowerpot and decorate this with high branches.

Many, many candles

Candles are the solution to make your house more cosy in an instant. Put some candles or tea lights on the coffee table, dresser or in the window frame. This way you unnoticeably fill up the empty spots right away. A cosy blanket on the sofa does miracles for the desired ambience in the house as well. Another big benefit is that you can lie underneath it during the evenings.

Winter wonderland accessories

The Christmas season might be over, but you can still make use of fake snow, pinecones and red berries in January and February. Put fake snow on a round shaped tray, put some white houses on top and finish it with some pinecones covered in snow. You can also keep the cosy lightning in your interior because they still create a cosy ambience during the dark winter months. For example, wrap lights around a floral arrangement.

Make a statement with a rug

Does the house still feel empty after all these adjustment? Making your living room more cosy is easily done by the use of a rug on the floor. A big rug instantly dissolves emptiness of the space, causing the room a more filled appearance. You can opt for a fluffy one in the winter because this feels nice and warm to the feet. You can choose for a thin and fresh rug in the spring and summer.

The use of natural and copper shaded materials

Natural materials and accessories in copper shades give your living room a warm and cosy emanation. Wooden blocks, copper chandeliers and reed baskets are small accessories that cannot be excluded from your living room this season.

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