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Make your lifestyle more environmentally friendly

9 May 2016
by Linda Canter

It is an increasing trend to live greener, more environmentally friendly. More people are becoming aware of the importance of the environment and are committed to preserving the earth. In this blog post, we give a few this for a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Almost all devices in your home and office need energy. In the winter, you probably put your heater on. With a few simple adjustments, you can save the environment and reduce your energy bills by tens of euros per year. Put the heating one degree lower than normal and wear a warmer sweater. Are you cold? A nice thick plaid keeps you warm. Make sure to close your curtains, to avoid the heat disappearing through your single glass windows. An hour before you go to bed, you can put the thermostat at 15 degrees. Your bedroom doesn’t has to be hot: people sleep way better in a room where it’s colder than 20 degrees. Do you wake up because it’s cold? Grab an extra blanket.

Avoid using standby

By paying attention to your use of water, you can already save a lot of money and waste. Don’t let the tap run while washing hands, brushing teeth or shaving and put the dishwasher only on when it is really full. Do you only live with your partner? Then you can easily turn on the dishwasher every two days. Do you have cheaper electricity at night? Turn on the dishwasher and washing machine at night. Also, be aware of the energy devised use when put on standby. Take away your charger from the socket. Unplug it, because there is always stealth use, even if your phone is not plugged in. The same applies to your television that is on standby. Turn it off completely and you'll save at least fourteen per year. Apply this on your PC, laptop, stereo and other devices too.

Energy-consuming devices

Defrost your freezer regularly, because the more ice there is in your freezer, the more energy you consume. If there are more than four millimeters of ice at the edges, then you need to defrost. In addition, it is best to turn off the refrigerator and freezer if you are going on vacation. A clothes dryer is a real energy guzzler. He uses an average of 320 kWh of electricity. During the summer, I use a little bit of extra fabric softener in laundry to make it deliciously soft and smelly, when drying it in the air. Nine out of ten times the smell after air drying is even fresher than when using the dryer. 

In addition, you can even print environmentally conscious. Only print the documents that are important and try as much as possible to print double-sided. With an environmentally friendly font, you can also save an amount of ink. According to an American study, the Garamond font would be the most environmentally friendly font.

The above tips are very simple to apply to my home. It's a matter of getting used to, but you are more environmentally friendly and it feels goods. In the process, you save some money too.

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