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Make your own sunscreen in a few easy steps

26 Jun 2017
by Linda Canter

Sunshine is healthy. It gives your body vitamin D and it has a positive influence on your mood. Because we all know sun exposure is damaging for your skin, it’s important to protect her with sunscreen. It’s getting sunny again which means it’s time to head to the store and buy a new bottle of sunscreen. Or you can make your own. Making your own sunscreen is a lot cheaper and it’s tons of fun.


You never know which ingredients are added into the sunscreen you are buying in the shop. If you want a natural sunscreen without chemicals, then make your own. You know exactly what ingredients it has and it protects your skin against sun exposure. In this recipe you work with titanium dioxide. This is a mineral solar filter with which you can gain SPF 30. Titanium dioxide is safe to use: it’s being used in natural cosmetics too. You are also using oils with SPF. It’s hard to determine exactly how much SPF your own sunscreen has, but below you will find an indication.

Ingredients for you own sunscreen

  • Half cup of almond oil (SPF 5) or olive oil (SPF 2-8)

  • ¼ cup coconut oil (SPF 2-8)

  • ¼ cup bees wax

  • 2 tablespoons titanium dioxide (SPF 30)



  • 1 teaspoon vitamin E oil

  • 2 tablespoons shea butter (SPF 3-6)

This is how you make your own sunscreen

  1. You will need a big, glass jar to fit a medium sized pan. Put all ingredients in the jar, except for the titanium dioxide.

  2. Fill the pan with some water and put it on low heat.

  3. Put a lid on the glass jar, but don’t screw it completely shut and put it in the water.

  4. The ingredients will melt because of the hot water. Try to shake the jar to mix the ingredients but be careful: the jar will be hot.

  5. When the ingredients are completely molten, you can add the titanium dioxide. Mix all ingredients.

  6. You can now pour the mixture in a bottle or jar. A pump bottle will not be suitable: the mixture is too thick.

  7. While the mixture cools down, you can stir it a couple of times.


Your home-made sunscreen works the same as the ones you buy in the shop. You cannot sit in the sun for hours and assume you are protected against the damaging sun. You still need to apply the sunscreen every two hours and half an hour before going outside. Apply a new coat after swimming and avoid being in the sun between noon and three o’clock.


This sunscreen is less durable than the ones you get in the store. You don’t add parabens or preservatives; this is probably exactly why you want to make you own. Be sure to make a new load of sunscreen when needed.

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