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Making a macrame plant hanger

17 Mar 2019
by Linda Canter

Plants hanging from the ceiling are again hot and happening thanks to macrame. Macrame is a handicraft technique from the old days, used to knot together different threads into nice patterns and this is used for especially plant hangers, wall decorations and other home accessories.

Macrame was super hip in the seventies and even the most modest trendsetter had several flowerpots in a hanger of macrame. It however was labelled as frumpy shortly after. This trend is now back with a vengeance and plant hangers are just the beginning. This trendy knitwear can also be hanged from the walls or knitted around vases.


Macrame as a wall decoration

Macrame as a wall decoration is perfect to pimp a boring wall. It instantly turns your house into a cosier and warmer home and that just by a simple knitwear on the wall. Besides, it is a nice substitute for Christmas decorations to create ambience inside your house after the festive season has ended.


Plants from the ceiling

A macrame plant hanger is made from rope with therein a flowerpot and a cactus: super hip! And guess what? It is not difficult at all to make yourself!


Making your own macrame hanger

What do you need?

  • Rope (made from cotton, linen or burlap)
  • Scissors
  • Flower pot and plant


Step 1

First, decide how long the plant hanger is going to be. Keep in mind that one material gets stretched out more than the other and that the knots which you are about to tie also use up length. When you have decided on the length, you cut the rope double the size. Do this three times and fold all three ropes double and place them with the opening facing downwards.


Step 2

Take the upper loops of the three ropes and knot them together. You will use this loop to hang the plant hanger on a hook.


Step 3

Spread the threads next to each other so that you can lay knots in them later.


Step 4

Now, you will make a knot per two threads. Make sure you make the knot on the same height of each set. The knots are approximately at the height of the flower pot’s top.


Step 5

After you have tied the knots, you again have six strings placed next to each other. For convenience you number them from left to right: 1,2,3,4,5,6. Tie rope 3 to rope 2 and rope 4 to rope 5. Then you also tie the outer wires (1 and 6) together. Now you have created the part that supports the flower pot.


Step 6

Now tie the final big knot under all three knots in all threads. This knot ensures that the flowerpot lingers in place. When desired, cut the threads under the knot according to your taste. The macrame plant hanger is now ready!

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