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Money as a gift boring? Not with these creative ideas!

17 Apr 2017
by Linda Canter

Do you have a housewarming or wedding soon and is the desired gift money? Of course you want to give an unique gift when somebody reaches an important milestone in life, but an envelope with some paper in there is not very original. We have listed 6 fun ways how to give money in an original way.

1. In a picture frame

Is your best friend getting married in a couple of weeks? Have they requested money on the invitation as the desired gift? Of course, you want to respect the wishes as a friend but giving a card only is so boring. Have some fun with a picture frame in a creative way. Find a nice image of a “just married car”, put the names of the newlyweds on top and print it out. Roll up the paper money, secure it with a piece of thread and glue it at same level of the car’s license plate. Put it in a picture frame after having removed the glass for a brief moment and your gift is ready before you know it. Wrap the present in transparent film and decorate with some colourful ribbons.

2. In a typecase

Do you have an old typecase laying around somewhere or could you get one for cheap? Yes! You can easily fill a typecase with small presents and with money. Put a small or cheap present in each box and fill up the others with money. For example fill a clean vegetable pot with 5 cent coins and put this in the typecase. Or hang a cord horizontally in one box and attach money to the cord with clampers.

3. Fun with water balloons

Want to be a kid again for a little while? Fill up some water balloons and put an euro in each balloon. The receiver first have to smash the balloons before he can get to the money. Fun times guaranteed!

4. Money cactus

A present for the interior, garden or kitchen is often given at a housewarming party. But what if the person desires money as a gift? Then make a cactus with coins! Fill up a flower pot with soil and put a courgette in there. Then stick the euro coins, preferably the same size, in the courgette horizontally. It now looks like you have gifted a real cactus!

5. Treasure box

Are looking for a silly present? Give a treasure box! The chosen one may dig in the sand for the money. All you need is an old suitcase, a pile of sand and some small shovels as decoration.

6. Socks with money

You can gift money in original ways on a babyshower as well. You will need a coloured piece of cardboard or a solid piece of paper whereon you can adhere two tiny socks, preferably in pink and blue. Adhere the socks in a way so that the receiver can still use them. You can but paper money in the socks and let it be visible by letting it stick out from the top.
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