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Moody in the morning? This is how you get rid of it!

20 Mar 2017
by Linda Canter

It’s morning and you get out of bed in a bad mood. Feeling like a zombie, you are dragging yourself to work. Colleagues saying ‘good morning’ get just a grunt for an answer and even that was too much for you. Are you feeling really moody in the morning? You can defeat this feeling and we love to tell you how.

Why do you suffer from a moody feeling?

There are three factors that can influence the way you are feeling in the morning. Your biological clock is one of them. A few hours before you have to wake up, your body starts with the making of cortisol and other hormones. They will affect your mood and how you feel if you are awake. If you wake up earlier than your biological clock, your body has not yet created enough cortisol. This results in a moody feeling. Second, your mood also can affect that moody feeling. We are not always happy or sad. And the third reason is very simple: some people just need a bit of extra time to wake up. If you came from a very deep sleep, it takes some time to wake up. This can take a couple of minutes up to half an hour.

This is how you defeat your moody mornings!

This won’t be a surprise, but we will still tell you: if you want to wake up fresh, then you need to ensure adequate sleep. If you have not slept enough hours at night, then you are still too tired to wake up. Not really a nice way to start the day. Make sure you are in bed on time so you can sleep at least eight hours each night. Having troubles falling asleep at night? Try our Sleepwell tea. The Sleepwell tea from Landracer provides a wonderfully peaceful feeling. This is due to the unique combination of different herbs. In addition, the mix of all herbs is good for: inducing sleep, calming, de-stressing and it can reduce anxiety.

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Wake up your body by drinking a glass of water. By drinking water your body gets going; your intestines start working and everything goes back up to speed. A refreshing shower is a good way to wake up for a lot of people. And we dare you: a cold-hot-cold shower does help to get rid of your moody morning. Your blood circulation gets a boost because of the cold water and this is why you get lots of energy and experience less stress.

Don’t forget to eat your breakfast. Your breakfast is a healthy way to get energy in the morning. Boil an egg, make some fresh orange juice and don’t forget to vary with the foods you eat. Don’t you have enough time or don’t you allow yourself enough time for a healthy breakfast? You can make it in the evening too, so you can just grab it from the fridge.

Allow yourself a bit more time in the morning to wake up. Set the alarm fifteen minutes earlier to prevent waking up on the wrong side. If you are in a hurry, your bad mood will even get worse. Eat your breakfast, watch the news or read the paper and dance to your favorite song on the radio. Still a bit groggy? Some lovemaking will do the trick! Thanks to morning sex are you happier and healthier during the day.

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