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Most scenic nature areas to visit during spring

1 May 2017
by Linda Canter

Spring is in full swing and summer is already on its way. You do not want to let beautiful spring days pass you by despite your busy schedule. It is now time to go out and explore before the large crowds do during summer. You can prepare yourself for summer and already begin working on your tan in the following national parks.

The Wadden region

The Wadden region is a wonderful destination for those warm and beautiful spring days. At low tide, large areas of the Wadden Sea become dry so you can make beautiful strolls. This gives that little bit extra compared to a day at the beach. Here you find various unique animals and plants due to the turn of the tides. Besides, there are regular trips organised to walk the Wadden Sea if you do not mind spending some money.

The Veluwe National Park

Is it a little too hot outside for you? You could spend some time comfortably in the forests of the Veluwe National Park. There are no less than 91,000 hectares of protected nature where you can hike and enjoy the various animals and plants that live here. If you pay close attention, you can find animals such as wild boars and red deers. Feel free to bring the kids for an outdoor biology class or bring the dog for a walk. There are several trails online to ensure the best outdoor experience.

Scheveningen Noorderstrand

You could visit the Scheveningen Noorderstrand (Scheveningen Northern Beach) to enjoy a beach quiet beach stroll before the summer crowds start to find their way to the beach. This beautiful area is perfect to catch the last rays of sun before it sets. The beach is over three kilometers long and thus especially perfect for a long walk with for example your dog or children. Dogs are prohibited on the beach between 15th of May and October 1st. Besides enjoying the beach, there is plenty other things to explore between April and September. There is a promenade with shops and you at the end of a beach.

De Groote Peel National Park

De Groote Peel National Park is a nature reserve known for its diversity of birds and the unique wetlands. There are various landscapes such as swamps, plains, moors and forests. There are plenty of birds to spot, especially during this time of the year. The black-headed gull feels perfectly at home in the marshes and you will frequently encounter a curlew in the bogs. The forests are beautifully structured because of the different growth rates of trees and plants and the variety of landscapes makes a visit to this national park an unique experience.

Dolmens of Drenthe (Hunebedden)

Many dolmens are found scattered through the green countryside of Drenthe. These prehistoric monuments were used as a tomb 5000 years ago. The largest dolmen of the Netherlands is located in Borger. Here is also the Dolmen Center. This museum tells the story of farmers who built the dolmens and also explains why. You find several routes along the dolmens online.
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