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No more 'orphan socks' thanks to Solosocks

2 Apr 2018
by Linda Canter

Everyone knows how socks disappear. It’s a strange story, probably familiar for everybody. One moment you put a pair of socks in the washing machine, the next moment you only get one sock out. Seriously, where did your sock go? You check the laundry basket and washing machine a thousand times but it’s nowhere to be seen. There is a good chance your sock has disappeared in the Bermuda triangle of your washing machine.


Worn socks

And what about getting holes in only one socks, instead of both? The nail of your big toe has just become visible and pierces through the material. Or the sock is completely worn at the heel. You really can not wear this sock especially if you take off your shoes at someone's home. What would mom say? The only thing that is left is to throw away the remaining sock or put it away in your sock drawer. Which is a shame, because you will never wear it again. So now you have nothing left!


Socks that do not fit together

We know it’s just a sock, but if you just purchased a cool new pair, it’s not cool to already lose one after its first wash. Now that you do not have the other half, you can’t really do anything with the only sock left. You will not be found with one flamingo sock and one dotted one, right? That’s our point: these 'orphan socks' can not be matched with the others. You can of course choose to buy only socks in a solid color. But life is too much fun to wear boring socks. And even if you do just wear black socks it can happen that the colour doesn’t match. So basically there is only one good solution: the Solosocks.


The solution: Solosocks

Solosocks wants to prevent the waste of socks. Research has shown that on average you lose about fifteen socks per year. We are not kidding! And we didn’t even mention broken, torn and worn socks yet. And each time you buy a new pair of socks to fill that shortage in the sock drawer can really add up. It’s not only a waste for your wallet, but also for the environment. That's why the company designed Solosocks. This is a set of single socks that are designed to mix and match. In a set is an odd number of socks with different designs that match. If you lose a sock, you will still have plenty other to choose from. And they are also durable: the socks are made of organic cotton and the recyclable packaging can be used as a storage box for your socks.


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