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Optimal sleep the right interior

4 Apr 2016
by Linda Canter

Are you someone who will be in dreamland within five minutes? Or do you lie tossing around for hours when you are in bed? We spend over one third of our lives in bed - some exceptions aside. A good night sleep is important, so that we feel fit during the day. Your bedroom should be a place where you can completely unwind. The interior design plays a huge role. Too many frills or too busy colors do not promote your sleep. After a bad night's sleep, we usually are already grumpy. During the day, your mood will definetely not aprove because of sleep deprivation. I like to have a clean and neat bedroom. Last year I remodeled our bedroom. Light shades dominate my bedroom. Did I do right? After some research, I found out I did. How do you organize the bedroom for a good night's rest?

Calm colors for relaxation

Choose calm colors on the wall to relaxt. Calm colors, like lavender or pastel colors are perfect. With mint green, minimalistic white and pastel pink you are very trendy too. These shades work harmonising, relaxing and anxiety-reducing. The color blue also works well on the walls of your bedroom. Research shows that people with a blue bedroom sleep better than others. On average they sleep longer, calmer and more quiet. The only thing you will therefor have to do is paint your wall of get some new - calm - wallpapers up.


I don’t like rooms that are too light. A dash light from the outside or a red glow from the television annoys me. Light provides for the production of serotonin. This wakes you up. That’s why I have sun zero curtains. You can also get shutters to resolve this problem. When it’s around bedtime, dim the lights. Serotonin is ,when it is dark, converted the sleep hormone melatonin. This way you prepare your body to go to sleep. I have banned my television, iPad ans smartphone from the bedroom. No more screens that light up in or around my bed.

Get rid of all those frills

You want to have lots of storage space in the bedroom. Make sure you throw your dirty laundry directly in the laundry basket and not on the ground (I’m kind of guilty on this one, though). You can put your clean clothes on the back of a chair or desk. Declutter your room, like I wrote realier. The space does of course not have to be cold and boring. Use accessories to dress your room. But remember: do not make them too busy. Put a nice warm plaid on the bed, a fluffy white sheepskin on the ground and decorate your bedside table with some candles. The most important piece is your bed. Make sure the mattress is good, because it saves you from back pain and sleepless nights. When you are so fond of your bed you wish you could stay in there all day, than you have accomplished it: you have found the right interior.

With these tips you can sleep all night long, without major renovation. Goodnight, sleep tight.

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