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Recipe: Mon chou pie with white chocolate and strawberries

6 Jul 2016
by Linda Canter

Something to celebrate? Or just in the mood to randomly bake a cake? Opt for this Mon Chou pie with white chocolate and strawberries. I made this the other day for Mothers’ day and all guest truly enjoyed it. This delicious pie is perfect in the warm summer months. Due to the combination of fresh and sweet strawberries and creamy Mon Chou, you enjoy a sensational experience of taste. If you are a big fan of the well known Dr. Oetker’s Mon Chou pie, than you surely will enjoy this variation as well. A pro is that it is a super easy cake to make and you would not even need an oven.

What do you need?

  • 200 grams Bastogne cookies

  • 100 grams butter

  • 180 grams white chocolate

  • 230 grams Mon Chou

  • 70 grams sugar

  • 1 tea spoon vanilla extract

  • 235 ml whipped cream

  • 100 gram strawberries

How to make it

For this recipe, I use a baking mold of 26 centimeters. This size is good for approximately 8 to 10 people. Coat the baking mold with baking paper.

I always make the bottom of the pie from Bastogne cookies, a gingerbread type of cookie of the brand LU. However rusks are also a great choice. Crumble the cookies as small as possible with a kitchen appliance or with a rolling pin.

Take a saucepan and put it on a fire and melt some butter. Take the pan from the stove and add the cookie crumbs to pan with the melted butter. Mix this up well and spread it over the bottom of the baking mold. Press it tightly with the backend of a spoon.

Take a bowl and mix the Mon Chou, the sugar and the vanilla extract until you have a smooth substance. Take another bowl and mix the whipped cream till you have a firm substance. When the whipped cream is firm enough, you can add it to the other. Mix everything together well.

Now it is about time to melt the white chocolate. I did this the au bain-marie way, however, there are many other ways to melt chocolate. Take a bowl of chocolate and put it on top of a pan of boiling water. It does not matter if it bathes in the water in the pan. Stir the chocolate every now and then.

Mash 3/4 of the strawberries and taste if it is sweet enough. If not, make it sweeter with powdered sugar. Mix the melted white chocolate with the whipped cream and the Mon Chou mix. Stir everything well together. It is important to do this quickly, because the chocolate turns the mixture firm fast which could make it difficult to separate it later. The benefit of this, is that you do not need to use gelatin or Dr. Oetker’s Klopfix.

Fill the baking mold with the mixture and pour the strawberry mash in it as well. Marble the mash through the Mon Chou mixture with a knife. Do not be afraid to go deep with your knife, because you spread the strawberry mash throughout the entire cake by doing so. Let the cake rest overnight or for at least four hours in the fridge. Decorate the Mon Chou cake with strawberries just before you serve it.

Enjoy! Will you let us know your thoughts on this recipe?
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