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Six foods that are not as healthy as they might seem

16 Jan 2017
by Linda Canter

Some foods look very healthy, but nothing is as it seems. You might think that these foods are very healthy and that you could eat them carelessly without gaining any weight. This is unfortunately not entirely true. The following products are not as healthy as everyone thinks.

1. Vegetable crisps

Do you think you are better of with vegetable crisps than with paprika chips? You got it all wrong! Crisps made of beet, carrot, parsnip and sweet potato give the impression of being healthy. After all, they are veggies, right? They indeed are vegetables, but these got so processed during frying that they have lost all nutritions. Therefore it hardly makes any difference than random chips made from potatoes.

2. Frozen yogurt

We love eating frozen yogurt during summertime because that is healthy, at least, that is what we think. The amounts of fat might be lower than in regular ice cream, there is still a pretty high amount of sugar in frozen yogurt. The amount of calories therefore adds up fast. And than we have not included the toppings yet. It turns out that frozen yogurt is a nice dessert for just once in awhile.

3. Rice cakes

Rice cakes are low in calories and therefore appear as if you can eat as much as you want. They however are low in nutrition top. They do not contain essential nutrition causing you to be hungry very quickly after eating them. Rice cakes therefore cannot be considered as a worthy snack. They however are a good way to deal with that last hour until your next meal.

4. Juices and smoothies

You put a banana, some spinach and a bit of yogurt into the blender and the result is a tasty smoothie with healthy ingredients. This is completely true, but a big disadvantage however is, is that many fibres are filtered out freshly made smoothies and juices. And you need fibres to feel satisfied and full until your next meal. Moreover, you feel more full if you have chewed away a banana, kiwi and an orange instead of just drinking them away.

5. Almond milk

Many people think of almond milk as a healthy alternative for regular cow milk. Almonds are in fact a great source of protein but sadly the almond milk sold in the supermarkets contain approximately just two per cent of almonds. So you still cannot benefit from the additional proteins.

6. Dried fruits

Do you also enjoy dried mangos, cranberries and apples? There is however a big chance that these are not as healthy as you might think. Dried fruits sadly often contain added sugars. Only raisins, apricots, prunes, dates and figs do not contain added sugars. It therefore is better if you buy these ones or to make them yourself at home (without adding sugar of course).

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