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Spring cleaning your bedroom

12 Mar 2018
by Linda Canter

The sun is showing more and more, the crocuses are starting to grow and flower and it’s time for the first lambs to be born. Spring is coming! This means it’s time for the great spring cleaning. This time we focus on just one room: the bedroom.


The bedroom is a room in the house where you are not often. Although that is not entirely true, since you probably spend here at least 6 hours each day. What we mean is that, when you are sleeping, you don’t clutter it as much as for example a dining room. Still, your bedrooms needs a regular deep clean. During your sleep, you lose a lot of moisture that is all trapped in your bedding and mattress, just like skin flakes. And when you have a thick layer of dust on top of the cabinets or your pedestals, it’s not very conducive for the air you breathe. It’s time for the big spring cleaning of your bedroom. And this is how you handle it.


  1. Open the windows so you get some fresh air in the bedroom. Remove the curtains from the rails or rods and put them in the washing machine. If you can’t wash them, bring them to the dry cleaner of just put them up outside, so they can freshen up. Just make sure to shake them before putting them up, as curtains attract dust.

  2. Wash your windows on the inside and out. Make sure you clean the window frames too.

  3. Remove the bedding and wash it. Wash your pillows too if possible. Put in a few tennis balls in with the pillows, so they keep nice and fluffy. Use the vacuum cleaner to remove dead skin cells, mites and hair from your mattress. Sprinkle a bag of soda over the mattress and make sure that every spot is covered with the stuff. Leave the soda for about four hours and then vacuum it again with the vacuum cleaner. Soda absorbs moisture from the mattress and because of this your mattress will be wonderfully fresh again. Do you have moisture spots in the mattress? With a mixture of soda and vinegar these spots and circles can be removed.

  4. After the mattress is clean and fresh, you can rotate it to prevent bedsores. Do not forget to vacuum the floor under the bed.

  5. Of course, we won’t forget the wardrobe in the bedroom. Remove the dust from the top, clean the shelves and give away the clothes that you no longer wear. This blog post helps you to clear out your wardrobe!

  6. Try to get behind the heater with a feather duster. If possible, dust between the radiator. You can do this with the feather duster but if it is too thick, you can also put a duster around a ladle.

  7. And last but not least: dust of your ceiling light and night lights. Don’t forget to use the rag to clean the corners of your ceiling in the bedroom.

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