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Stop eating sugar and become healthier

12 Apr 2016
by Linda Canter

With summer coming and all the holidays behind us (bye Easter eggs), we would like to lose the weight we gained during all these Christmas wreaths and Easter brunches. Probably your body has become accustomed to all the sugars. It’s quite difficult, but it is possible to cut the sugar out of your diet. Would you like to be more comfortable in your skin? You just have to change a few little things for a great change. Do you drink your coffee with a sugar cube or two? Just start cutting this down. You can learn to drink your coffee without sugar. It will take a few weeks, but after that, you will be happy. With a few simple changes in your lifestyle, you can eat much healthier food. It's not hard, but sometimes you have to take some time to get used to the changes. If you've done that, then the healthier lifestyle will fit you like a glove. And there is certainly still room for a delicious chocolate or dessert every now and then.

Sugar is the culprit

Are you a real sweet tooth like me? Then you probably don’t like to eat a salad every day. And lucky for you, it is not necessary. With some simple adjustments to your diet, you are on the right way. Start by eating less sugar. Refined sugars make you fat and lethargic. If possible, try to avoid products with sugar, like muesli, biscuits, soft drinks and chocolate sprinkles. Look at the labels of the products you are buying. Lots of products have a lot of added sugars and salts. Prevent the ingestion of too much carbohydrates, because your body perceives it to be sugar and converts it into fat. Replace white pasta with whole wheat and do the same with bread and rice. Soda’s and juice out of a pack you better leave in the supermarket and replace it with water or tea.

Replace cookies with fruit

Do you eat three healthy meals a day? Than it’s time to take a closer look at your snacks. Snack biscuits like Sultana biscuits or Liga cookies are not healthy at all. They are delicious, but also contain lot’s of sugar. Replace the cookies with fruit. Or make your own smoothie. I don’t buy lot’s of sweet things anymore, but I do have a great filled fruit basket. Bring your own fruit to work, to prevent you taking a Snickers bar when you are hungry. This will definitely cut the sugars in your diet. Healthy eating should be fun. You can rewards yourself with some ice cream on the weekend or a slice of cake, but use these products in moderation. Happy healthy eating!
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